After a couple of enjoyable days spent walking about, exploring ships and sculptures, and watching orcas and dolphins leap about, I actually needed to do a little bit of work for a change, and so spent the morning walking Jared through Touchwork’s Kinetica code base. Of course that didn’t last very long because come afternoon we were once again walking out the door, this time to meet up with Johann for a bit of a sail out in San Diego Bay.

Johann and Jared have a fair bit of experience with small sailboats (for the record, I have zero), and so off it was to the boat club at Marina Cortez, situated on San Diego’s Harbour Island, where Johann organized a boat rental and we prepped to hit the waters and head out to Point Loma (and try and get back again before sunset).

Indeed, heading out went without a hitch, the wind caught the sail well, and we bobbed and weaved out towards the point, all the while snacking, drinking, chatting, and taking in the view. Lazy seals occupied the buoys, every now and then the navy helicopter would swing by on its never-ending patrol, and in general it was just the perfect late afternoon out on the water. The way back on the other hand wasn’t quite such smooth sailing though. We struggled to catch the wind, and indeed did a lot of violent zigging and zagging to try and just get anywhere. With the sun now setting fast, Johann finally made the call and we fired up the small motor, eventually puttering back into the marina, landing just in time as the last rays of light disappeared behind the horizon.

With the boat now safely parked and all tied up, we left Harbour Island behind and headed out to Little Italy, popping into celebrated Italian restaurant Nonna for some incredible pasta to wrap up what really had been another enjoyable day out and about in San Diego. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t actually take a whole lot of photos while out on the water – probably because I was too busy holding on!

It certainly was an interesting and enjoyable experience being out on that small sailboat, and I have to say, I look forward to doing it again if the opportunity ever arises!

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