Founded in 1969 as the National Association of College Auxiliary Services, NACAS is a professional trade association that supports the non-academic segment of higher education responsible for generating business through a diverse array of campus services that students need and value – such as food services, bookstores, housing, and transportation. With its focus on customer experience, the NACAS C3X annual conference and expo is a space where the industry comes together to collaborate, create, and explore new ways to create customized campus services that are unique and meaningful to each school’s community, and given that this then is the exact space that Touchwork has over the last 18 years been making a name for itself in, we tend to have a team at pretty much most of these type of expos.

The 2019 edition of the C3X was held at the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona and by all accounts it was quite the success, doing a great job of mixing talks, sales, and networking. I manned our booth with Johann and Erica (who was also delivering a session or two at the show), and pleasingly it was quite the hit, generating plenty of leads as well a providing a great space to connect with a lot of our existing clients.

It isn’t often that we on the South African side of the business get to see what the US team in action, and as such, I always find it a super useful exercise in giving a glimpse to the software development team as to just how the software that we craft is actually being deployed, used and marketed in the real world, never mind the fact that it probably is good for us keyboard jockeys to spend some work hours away from the desk every now and then!

As for the social events, we attended both the opening gathering at retro-chic warehouse and art deco bar The Duce, and the big finale event which saw us head out on busses for a Mexican fiesta and Western rodeo show at Corona Ranch, which I have to say was genuinely entertaining.

So all in all a successful expo appearance for the Touchwork team and certainly an enjoyable work related experience for me.

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