Because the girls weren’t particularly excited by my planned day of walking/sightseeing out in the Kleinmond area, I decided last minute to placate them slightly by offering to extend our drive out just a little bit and in doing so, allow them to stop and go and say hello to their favourite group of donkeys milling about Dassiesfontein, a popular farm stall stop along the N2 (on the way to Caledon).

Operating since the 1990s, Dassiesfontein is a surprising experience. The obvious thing to notice is of course the unassuming farm building’s entire roof bedecked in solar panels. Then there is the quirky giant chair and table that provide shade for the donkeys, and finally once you enter into the building itself, an overwhelming wall to wall smattering of all manner of vintage, decor, and bric-and-brac items begging those chic enough to buy something of everything!

In addition to all the home decor, clothing and leather products, Dassiesfontein also manages a huge collection of restored antique light fittings and cast iron stoves, not to mention the actual deli part of the business stocked with all manner of butter, cheese, vegetables and other home industry products and concoctions. (There was even some bokkoms up for grabs of all things!) Finally, just in case you arrived hungry, they even have a cozy restaurant space that serves up all manner of hearty meals and treats.

But of course, with the girls in tow, there was never even a sliver of doubt as to the true main attraction. It was the donkeys. It is always the donkeys.

Smiles on faces, mission successful.

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