Jessica turned 11 last year and for her party, we rounded up some of her school friends and headed out to Jump4Fun, an indoor trampoline warehouse setup situated out in the industrial Gants Plaza area of Strand. The place itself is decked out in old arcade machines, glow in the dark putt putt, and of course trampolines. There are benches to chill out on, pizzas are on the menu (courtesy of their onsite Pizamo Eatery), and of course a boatload of sweet treats and other play options befitting a good kids party venue.

Following that bit of bouncing fun (with no injuries for a change!), Chantelle had another cool trick up her sleeve, and back home it was time to decorate mini cakes, all the way from slicing to slathering to deftly adding that final of final cherry (or chocolate maltese) on top. The girls quickly discovered that producing that perfect cake piece of art is a lot harder than what it looks, though to be fair, it doesn’t help when half of the decorations are gobbled up before they even get close to be putting on a cake either!

That was the friends part of Jessica’s big birthday bash done and dusted, and next up, the family part of the celebrations kicked off with my sister Claire graciously offering up her house up as the venue for the day. Given the perfect weather of the day, the girls and their cousins had a great afternoon of playing cricket and splashing around in the pool, whilst us older generation(s) did a good job of tackling all the food and treats that needed to be ingested on the day.

Loads of fun, great to see everyone and catch up on all the missed out on news, and given the smile on Jessica’s face at the end of all the activities, it was a good 11th birthday indeed.

Stepping ever closer to those dreaded teen years now I tell you! ;)

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