Half a year ago or so, my work switched me from my now very old Fujitsu Lifebook to a nice and beefy Lenovo Legion 5, which was going great until I realized that I had a manufacturing defect on the screen that needed to be sorted out under warranty. The guys at Evetech were rubbish at helping me sort out the issue, but I eventually came right and handed it over to the technical support team at Pinnacle in Montague Gardens to do the replacement work. Long story short, the work was eventually completed, and on pickup day I pulled Chantelle into the car with me and off we went to that side of the world.

Laptop successfully retrieved, it was now time for a celebratory breakfast, so I suggested to Chantelle that we skip over the road to Century City’s neat little Bootlegger Coffee Company branch, a place that I had first visited with Ryan post one of our trundles around nearby Intaka Island. The coffee shop/eatery is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Canal Walk and the Century City businesses, and is instead situated in a quiet little green space surrounded by rolling lawns and the odd sculpture or two (Anton Smit currently has a number of pieces on display). Laid back atmosphere, a decent view, good coffee, and exquisite food certainly does make for a great breakfast outing.

(It’s almost a pity then that almost immediately after I took these photos of her food, Chantelle experienced a pepper grinder malfunction that resulted in a lot of pepper kernels attaching themselves to her plate! Oh well, at least she didn’t aSAuLT her food…)

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