Immediately south of Mossel Bay lies Pinnacle Point, a small promontory that is best known for the big Pinnacle Point Golf Estate and Tsogo Sun’s Garden Route Casino that now lie over it. However, it is also home to a series of caves, which, thanks to the routine archaeological surveys conducted prior to the development the estate, are recognized as one of the world’s points of human origin.

Now known to have been occupied in a period somewhere between 170,000 and 40,000 years ago by Middle Stone Age people, the archeological excavations have uncovered some exciting revelations, like the earliest evidence for the systematic exploitation of marine resources such as shellfish, the earliest evidence for the use of dyes in symbolling, the use of advanced bladelet technology, and the earliest evidence for the use of heat treatment in the manufacture of stone tools.

Given its importance, the Pinnacle Point cave system is then naturally protected under its current provincial heritage site status, and although private access to the caves isn’t allowed, guided tours through the cave sites are available and are probably worth doing if you have any passing interest in human origins. That said, access to the general site is still very possible if you ever find yourself wandering about the Pinnacle Point golf estate, which then is exactly what I did a year or so ago.

Just past the club house and its spectacular views is a very steep boardwalk down to the diminutive but picturesque Eden Bay, which if you cross the beach to the left you’ll move towards the big cave whilst the route on the right will take you to some of the smaller ones. The only real work is getting up and down the boardwalk, but in terms of the views to be had, the stroll is very much one worth making!

Bonus: Also, there is absolutely no harm in rewarding yourself with something cold and refreshing at the club house eatery once you make your way back up to the top again! ;)

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