Chantelle and I set out on a solo mission to Barrydale to locate braai and birthday supplies for the party back at camp at Warmwaterberg Spa. It was a rather cold and grey day to be out, and as such we obviously needed a spot to warm up with some hot coffee and maybe a light bite to go with it. Enter (as always) the trusty Blue Cow Coffee Shop.

Situated at what they cheekily refer to as the ‘Barrydale Waterfront’, the Blue Cow coffee shop was dreamt up by Hannette Cooke back in 2005 as a way to keep herself busy when not involved with the day to day running of their farm. The coffee shop proved to be a roaring success (despite being so far removed from the rest of Barrydale’s tourist track along the R62 that runs straight through the town), so much so that the farm has since expanded its offerings to now also offer accommodation in the form of some great farm cottages.

Anyway, the Blue Cow is a charming, welcoming space with a small selection of light eats and a wonderfully delicious array of home made desserts to bolster any order of tea and coffee. As for the two of us, we grabbed some blankets, tucked into a sandwich, and then got down to the important business of taste testing some really delectable lemon meringue and milktart slices while watching the weavers flit about their nests above the waters of the Blue Cow’s koi-laden pond.

As always, a lovely Barrydale distraction!

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