For us, weekend drives out to Franschhoek always make for a picturesque little escape from home. This particular outing that we ventured forth on saw us first do a little drive around the Allee Bleue Wine Estate, wander about the family friendly Boschendal Estate (which I’ll detail in a separate post), followed by a drive to look over the water of the Berg River Dam, and then a slow meander through the town itself, before ending up with a gander at all the incredible sculptures on show at the always bubbly Grande Provence wine estate – which I’ll also post about a little later in an entry of its own.

I had wanted to go take some photos of the cool Huguenot Monument, but discovered that access to the monument has since been bundled in with an relatively expensive access ticket to the twin Huguenot/perfumes museum complex (which at that particular moment we didn’t have the time nor inclination for), so my picture taking quest regrettably fell off the table.

Mind you, Chantelle and the girls were soon to join me in my crestfallen state when a stop at our usual must visit shop of the Huguenot Fine Chocolates revealed that they were no longer there! Luckily some Google Fu was able to save the day and as it turns out, our purveyors of pistachio pralines had since simply moved elsewhere down main street, which we then immediately set out to (thankfully successfully) locate.

Day saved!

As always, Franschhoek makes for a picturesque little escape from home – even if you aren’t there to drink the wine!

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