I had to travel to Pinnacle situated in the Marconi Beam area (near Montague Gardens) to hand over my Lenovo Legion laptop for repair under warranty. Knowing this, Chantelle seized hold of the opportunity to also introduce the Claremont based I Love Coffee roastery and deli to me as part of the trip, and I have to say, I’m rather pleased that she did.

Primarily an artisanal roasted coffee supplier, I Love Coffee also strives to be a force of positive change for the Deaf in South Africa, and as such offers training and more importantly creates jobs for members of the Deaf community within its enterprise. So with sign language woven in as an integral part of I Love Coffee’s deli experience, you can expect to encounter and interact with deaf waitrons, baristas and bakers, and in so doing, walk away with a real appreciation for what this great initiative is trying to achieve.

And while the whole Covid pandemic may certainly have struck them some heavy blows, it is exceptionally good to see that they are still on their feet, going about their business of producing excellent coffee and wickedly delicious bakes. So well worth a visit and definitely one of those feel good businesses deserving of our support!

(And yes, of course the girls spent most of this coffee shop visit learning and trying out different sign language phrases!)

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