Having spent the morning above the city happily walking over the spine from Signal Hill to Lion’s Head and back again, the girls decided that they had done enough to earn a treat, and so down to the V&A Waterfront we went, our gaze firmly fixed on trying out Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the very first time.

Without all the international tourists milling about thanks to the flurry of travel restrictions in place at the time, the waterfront was actually quite enjoyable to stroll about and snap pictures every now and then, though of course the doughnut shop remained goal number one, with the girls ensuring that I stick to THE PLAN every time I drifted even the slightest off course!

As it turned out, visiting Krispy Kreme proved to be a treat – the girls enjoyed watching the doughnuts being made and processed via the shop’s big porthole windows, and were giddy with excitement when forced to make their selections from the wide range of Christmas themed doughnut delights laid out before them. (A tough choice I tell you!)

From there it was sitting down to devour doughnuts in the shadow of the Cape Wheel, before moving onto mission number 3 for the day, finding and purchasing Jessica’s dream RC car. Luckily, the always reliably stocked Toy Kingdom didn’t let us down, and after laying down all her saved up birthday money, a beaming Jessica marched out of the stores with a ferociously fast looking remote control car.

In other words, day made!

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