Back in the day, Muizenberg was quite the popular resort town destination to which many Capetonians flocked in order to get away from the city and dip their toes in the marginally warmer waters of False Bay. This can be attested to by the wealth of fancy art deco styled buildings that make up much of the commercial space of this little beach-side town, though of course, those money-spinning heydays have long since come and gone.

Now considered to be one of the main homes of the Cape Town surfing scene, Muizenberg is primarily centered around Surfers’ Corner, a delightful beachfront area coddling soft flat white sand and endless waves, all of which is usually packed out with all manner of surfers, kiteboarders, paddlers and beachgoers of all shapes and sizes. Loads of eateries dot the beachfront, and on weekends, as one would expect, Surfers’ Corner simply buzzes and overflows with activity.

The surfers, water slides, putt putt course, boat-themed public swimming pool, the distinctive big red roof of the pavilion, the mountain backdrop, and of course its iconic row of colourful beach huts – these are the scenes that have made Muizenberg such a popular family hang out spot for so much of its history.

True, these days a lot of its infrastructure is a little more rusty, a little more derelict than what it should be, but perhaps that’s just all part of its relaxed, ultra laidback vibe. In any event, definitely still one of the little jewels in the greater City of Cape Town’s hat!

PA: Muizenberg’s colourful beach huts are literally falling apart, but luckily a concerned group has banded together and are doing their utmost to save this iconic piece of Cape Town history in conjunction with the city. See how you can help at Save Our Beach Huts.

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