We do of course have a small mountain as our backdrop here in Gordon’s Bay (otherwise what else would the big white ‘GB’ hanging above the town be affixed to), and naturally then there exists a contour path that lets you move about along its slopes – a delightful way to experience a rather neat elevated view over our shimmering little spot here in the Helderberg basin.

The trail stretches for about 2.9 km above the town (from Aurora Drive to Suikerbossie Drive), and sees you pick your way along a relatively narrow rocky path, surrounded by a wide variety of indigenous plants and fynbos, and the occasional little stream to step over. Although not immensely high up, you do get to experience some fantastic views of the town, its two harbours, and of course over False Bay itself, and is a great alternative to stretch your legs if you’ve gotten a little tired of walking along the beachfronts.

The trail itself was actually founded by Danie Miller, a mayor of Gordon’s Bay in the 1980s, who, along with his daughters, walked along the mountain on an almost daily basis and in so doing, established the original pathway. Years later, this so called ‘Mayor’s Walk’ trail was renamed to the ‘Danie Miller Trail’ and was eventually incorporated in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve where it is now controlled and maintained by the Biodiversity Management team of the City of Cape Town.

This particular adventure saw me take the girls up on a warm and sunny, end of Winter day, where we discovered that Emily is rather fond of narrow pathways littered with rocks to clamber over (aka it is interesting), but at the same time, that Jessica is not such a happy chappie walking along slopes where the prospect of falling down the mountain seems a possibility (to be fair to her – it can actually happen, and in fact did a few months later when a 50 year old lady slipped off the side, fractured her ankles, and had to be airlifted off the mountain).

So when it all got a little too much for Jessica, we cut our walk short, found a little escape path, and bundu bashed back down to the road, where a walk back to the car along a firm and stable street surface seemed far more palatable to Jess!

The trail really does offer some beautiful views over Gordon’s Bay and over False Bay, and will take you all the way up to the painted rocks that make up the GB sign if you like, so well worth exploring if you do ever find yourself in Gordon’s Bay for an extended stay.

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