As lovely as our accommodation in Montagu was, we couldn’t not do something with the kids, and so off to the outskirts of Montagu we marched (drove), to the fever tree surrounded entrance of the famous Montagu Guano Cave Resort.

Situated at the foot of the Langeberg mountain range in the Klein Karoo, the Montagu Guano Cave resort takes its name from the historic cave sitting above the farm. This cave is believed to have been inhabited some 20,000 years ago, and evidence points to its use as a tool making ‘factory’ at some point in its history. With its bushman painting towards the entrance, this incredibly deep cave is home to thousands of bats, and as such, when initially discovered, filled to the brim with guano. (In case you are wondering, the guano has long since been removed and used – it made for excellent fertilizer in the past).

Initially the farm started with tractor rides up to the cave, before expanding into accommodation, first for tents, then for caravans, and these days even sporting a few cottages and other rental units. Supporting these accommodation options is a host of swimming pools and even a Roman Baths styled heated pool, with the resort rounded out with other entertainment facilities such as a restaurant, event rooms, rabbit world, and farmyard animal enclosures (aka feeding zoo).

Seeing as day visitors are welcome (although we have actually camped there before), Chantelle and I took the girls for an afternoon of looking at and feeding animals, and of course, going gaga over the incredibly cute array of bunny rabbits housed in their Rabbit World exhibition. Sadly, we didn’t have our swimming trunks packed in, but we were eventually able to peel the kids away from the animals and get them tucking into some delicious pizzas, the perfect way to end an enjoyable little visit.

So an unexpected little bit of entertainment for the kids to be found in Montagu then.

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