If you are looking for a nice little walk to embark upon whilst visiting in Gordon’s Bay, then a good one to remember is the walk from the Gordon’s Bay main beach up to the Suikerbossie Whale Lookout Point. From end to end this gentle stroll measures in at just over 2 km in length, so count on walking for a bit more than 4 because you’ll obviously want to get back to where you started from!

To start, find a parking in the big parking lot that fronts the main Gordon’s Bay beachfront, and then follow the paved promenade as it winds past main beach, the Spur and the outdoor gym, past the shaded picnic lawns, and then through the gnarled milkwood tree grove.

The walkway gives way to the sidewalk as you run out of open beach to walk along, and this sidewalk then follows Beach Road all the way up (and then down), past the SA Naval College and the adjacent Gordon’s Bay Harbour, until you get to a fork which either takes you to Bikini Beach (right) or up the hill to Faure Marine Drive aka the R44 aka Clarence Drive (left). Go left and up to the top of the hill, where around the corner you will spy the start of the wooden boardwalk and brick pathway that make up the Monica Miles Whale Way, the walkway that will take you up to your end destination of the Suikerbossie Whale Lookout Point.

Once you are there, you can grab a seat and keep a lookout for dolphins, seals or whales (in season), or grab a cup of coffee from the coffee truck that will undoubtedly be standing in the parking lot. Or if you are an Emily, you will take to launching yourself off the stone bench just because you can. (The pleasures of youth and unbridled enthusiasm).

Bonus: If you are looking to make this more of a fitness outing, you do of course have the option of continuing your walk onwards and then up the steep mountain road that takes you all the way up to the Steenbras Water Treatment Plant and the adjacent Steenbras Lookout Point. Naturally, you could also just drive the whole route if all that sweating doesn’t seem like fun to you…

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