If you are looking for a nice, low cost day out and about in Cape Town with your family, then you can’t really go wrong with a little jaunt up Signal Hill to get a nice view over Cape Town and a decent look at Table Mountain and its signature post card pose. From there you then head back down again to take a gander at the vibrantly coloured houses and occasionally cobbled streets of the Bo-Kaap district, followed by a drive over to Sea Point for a bit of people watching as you stroll down Cape Town’s most famous promenade. By this point everyone will probably be tugging at your shirt with big eyes and grumbling tummies, and so it then makes sense to make your final stop the good old V&A Waterfront, the king of Cape Town’s tourist scene.

The locals, the tourists, the harbour, the boats, the restaurants, the seals, the art, and the big wheel, there is more than enough to see and experience, and if you are anything like us, you’ll also seize the opportunity to march on over to the the vibrant little V&A Waterfront Food Market, which, situated in an old power station building, is crammed full of stalls of vendors hawking their local gourmet goods and street food fare.

We’re quite fond of grabbing hamburgers from the initially confusingly named Tom& burgers and wings stall (which if you aren’t aware of it, makes a whole lot more sense when you realize that they are affiliated with Cape Town’s famous Jerry’s Burger Bar), and indeed that is exactly what we did on this particular outing as the photographic proof towards the bottom of this post indicates.

Delicious meaty, cheesy burgers and fries of course then demands to be followed by something sweet, and if you don’t feel like grabbing some of the delicious treats on offer at the food market itself, then you can always leg it over to the Clock Tower district, cross over the entertaining swing bridge, and head to the back of the Zeitz MOCAA building where, tucked away at the end of all the offices, is the Lindt Chocolate Studio, a fine purveyor of every Lindt chocolate flavour imaginable. (Fun fact, given all that we had squeezed into the day, we managed to make it through Lindt’s doors with literally a handful of minutes to spare before closing time! Totally worth the run.)

So anyway, there you go, a pretty enjoyable, reasonably inexpensive family day out that involves a decent amount of fresh air, sun, and exercise, with a couple of treats thrown in to balance everything out!

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