You can’t really escape scenes of the Dappat se Gat caves on Instagram, simply because this little Overstrand gem along the achingly beautiful Clarence Drive really is as beautiful a hidden natural spot as what they come.

Fronted by the soft white sands of the Dappat se Gat beach (which lies at the end of the bigger Kogel Bay Beach strip – otherwise known as known KoeĆ«lbaai – and the picturesque Kogel Bay Resort camping site that sits on it), Dappat se Gat and its caves is a notoriously dangerous swimming spot with powerful rip currents that have claimed more than a few lives over the years. However, if you are happy with the risk, its layout is perfect for surfing, and indeed, you will hardly ever make the steep walk down the cliff path to the beach without bumping into someone hoisting a surfboard along.

Sandwiched between the chilly waters of the Atlantic and the rising cliffs of the Kogelberg mountains, Dappat se Gat is defined by a series of small, jagged caves that actually play an important role in just why this picturesque little spot carries the name that it does – the translation of Dappat se Gat is literally Dappat’s Hole, and back in our history when the area of Gordon’s Bay and Strand was still primarily used for farming, a livestock thief by the name of Dappat would descend upon the farms, grab some livestock and then disappear them around the mountain and down to the caves, the perfect hiding spot as the high tide would wash away any tracks from the animals, leaving only confounded farmers and herders behind.

Here he would slaughter the animals and then return to sell their meat, and indeed this illicit activity went on for quite some time before his scheme finally unraveled after smoke coming up from the cave was spotted by a fisherman out at sea, who then alerted the authorities and which then led to the discovery of Dappat and all his cave dwelling loot.

So as you might imagine then, Dappat se Gat isn’t the easiest spot to find, but the little adventure to stumble upon it is certainly worth the effort just for the rewarding views that come with this stretch of heavenly coastline alone! (HINT: park where the long string of cars with surf board racks are parked in the middle of seemingly nowhere, head to the furthest end of that parking strip – away from the nearby Kogel Bay Resort camp site, and then look for the slightly hidden stairs heading down the cliff.)

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