A relatively recent addition to the food scene of the quaint little village of Barrydale (which borders the Overberg and Klein Karoo regions of the Western Cape) is the Karoo Daisy, a coffee shop and restaurant that bravely opened its doors in 2021, right in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. I guess if you can weather that storm then you should be alright as a restauranteur!

We joined up for a breakfast with Chantelle’s folks at this fun little gem of an eatery at the tail end of our holiday to Warmwaterberg Spa last year, its brightly coloured, wraparound mural walls and quirky church resemblance drawing our attention to a space that we would normally have just driven on right by. Situated adjacent to a small but well populated graveyard, the original person responsible for constructing this building in 2016 did his best to annoy religious locals by designing it to resemble a chapel and then run it as a drink swilling restaurant, and as such, the current Karoo Daisy team finds that the first question that they usually get asked by customers revolves around the ‘church history’ of their fine little eatery!

The Karoo Daisy menu is packed with a varied selection of simple but prized dishes, and as the title of this post would suggest, they also produce some pretty delicious square shaped pizzas – which as they cheekily note, deliver 25% more pizza to you. So, coffee is good, food is delicious, the view pretty enjoyable, and the intriguing and pretty mural perfect as a conversation piece – in other words a thoroughly enjoyable eatery that is an easy recommendation when you are looking from a break from the more established Barrydale eatery staples such as Diesel & Creme or the Country Pumpkin.

(As you may have guessed then, we enjoyed this particular visit to the Karoo Daisy, even if the girls largely entertained themselves by taking photos of the nearby graves, while the staff removed a large rain spider from one of the table umbrellas!)

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