As a dad to girls I find that the entertainment activities that they are interested in doing is a lot different to the things that I wanted to do at their age, so out goes the paintball and in comes the art jamming. The fun team at our local Somerset West branch of Artjamming have carved out a great niche in the local entertainment segment for themselves with the standard drop in and come and paint Artjamming formula, the stocking of a fun selection of colourful art supplies, and the hosting of kids parties, bachelorettes, teambuild events, craft workshops, and the incredibly popular paint & sip evenings that see adults attend with a glass of wine in the one hand and a paintbrush in the other!

Thus, it is no surprise that come school holiday time Artjamming usually posts up a fun week of holiday themed kid sessions, and of course Jessica and Emily are always super keen and hard on our case for them to take part. So the combination of an early morning drop off, a bubbly youthful fun paint instructor, and a whole lot of paint and paint splatter (and fun doing it), resulted in the kids returning home with these super cute holiday themed Llamas.

And then they promptly did it again!

So an awesome opportunity of fun if you are perhaps on the hunt for something to treat your kids with!

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