A fun little outdoors excursion if you are looking to kill some time here in Gordon’s Bay is to walk from main beach up to the whale lookout point above the town, a route that takes you past our sheltered little beach, through the old milkwood trees, past the naval college and the old harbour, turning up the mountain just before the diminutive Bikini Beach, before finally joining up with The Whale Way, a short walkway that stretches alongside Clarence Drive and eventually dumps you out right at the lookup point.

Once there, you can stretch, lookout for dolphins or try to spot a whale (in season), or maybe grab a coffee from whichever vendor has laid claim the parking lot for the day. If you are a kid, you can practice some big jumps off the concrete benches, and on the way down again, perhaps take a detour to walk along the old harbour sea wall and see if any of the keen anglers have maybe caught a little something for the pan/braai tonight.

Finally, if you are still not completely satisfied with this outing thus far, maybe a bit of a chill on the beach perhaps?

In any event, this is a great little local walking excursion to remind ourselves of just why we like to call this pretty little seaside town our home.

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