Despite not really being a serious tourist destination (given that we’re relatively close to the far more captivating city of Cape Town itself), Gordon’s Bay does in fact feature quite a nice hotel, in the form of the stylish four star graded Krystal Beach. The hotel is situated on the waterfront strip of the idyllic Harbour Island penisula in Gordon’s Bay (which is also home to the town’s second harbour/marina), meaning that it boasts with some pretty panoramic sea (plus mountain) views, not to mention all the luxurious trappings that comes from being in the proximity of all the stylish abodes that make up the upmarket Harbour Island waterfront estate.

In addition to its 112 elegant rooms and suites, plus private swimming pool, the hotel features a fine dining restaurant (Krystal Restaurant) that overlooks the bustling marina, as well as the more drinks focused Oh La La Cocktail Lounge. The hotel also sports an onsite spa, a world-class conference center, and is even home to an art gallery in the form of the often colourful and thought provoking Ndiza Gallery.

Now we haven’t actually stayed at the hotel ourselves before (which obviously makes sense – though friends of ours have stayed there before, so we have enjoyed a little tour of the facilities), but we have made use of its wonderful restaurant and ambiance before, even going so far as to enjoy a little late wedding anniversary lunch there back in 2021, aka where these pictures actually come from.

In any event, an easy recommend if you are ever looking for something a little more than a bed and breakfast venue when visiting here in Gordon’s Bay.

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