I don’t really make time for putting content up on this site any more, meaning that when I do eventually get around to adding something it is usually long since past its best by date. Case in point – last year June we needed to remove some big Yucca plants that were growing to close to our house’s walls, as well as a sickly olive tree that just didn’t want to heal. It was also time to give all the remaining trees a bit of a trim (my neighbour doesn’t love the fact that they block out all of her sun).

Having successfully used them in the past before, we turned to local tree services company Mossie se Bossie to handle the hack and remove operation, and on the scheduled day while the girls were at school, their sizable team rocked up, grabbed their mini chainsaws and more interestingly, big bulky tree stump grinder, and got to work.

An hour or so later our wonderfully green garden was decidedly less so, the fate sealed trees consigned to sawdust and a leafy pile on the back of their trailer. Admittedly they could have done a better job at maybe shaping the trimmed trees a bit, but I guess that the primary request had been fulfilled so I can’t really complain there. For reference sake, the job cost around R4,000 and involved the trimming and/or removal of seven small/medium trees.

It is worth noting that the girls were distraught at the sight of the devastated hellscape when I brought them back – they both literally burst out in tears when I pulled up alongside the house, but in five months’ time the trees had recovered and the garden was looking gloriously green once again.

So, purpose of this post then is to highlight the speedy and efficient work of Mossie se Bossie if you are looking for tree trimming services in the Helderberg then.

However, as I alluded to at the beginning of this post, this is all old stale news now, because over the December holidays we bought and moved into a new house – three times the size of the old house at Country Mews, and coincidentally with three times as many trees that need trimming! And this time there are some decidedly large ones in the mix. 😅

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