Growing up as a kid in Bellville, every now and then my folks would make the drive through to Milnerton and take us to go and visit the famous Milnerton Market, the then thriving mass of people peddling all manner of treasure and junk combined. Young Craig was annoyingly an avid collector of anything asking to be collected, and thus would often come back beaming with some or other scrounged toy or book or CD in his pocket. (Thankfully, adult Craig turned out to be far more of a practical minimalist who strives to own as little as possible.)

This always bustling outdoor flea market has of course long since moved to its current location in the industrious Paarden Eiland area, sitting along the blue shores of a working Table Bay with a very clear view of Table Mountain acting as a painted backdrop. Sure, as an adult it now seems a little more rundown and gritty than what I remember it being, but hey, if you are looking for a proper second hand market experience then Milnerton Market still very much fits that bill.

Hats, bags, carpets, tools, antiques, toys, glassware, junk, trinkets, imported bric-a-brac, and even a jar of recycled false teeth, there is certainly enough things to stroll about and have a rummage through/look-see. Truthfully, it really isn’t my scene at all, but I was honestly just repeating my past – with smiles running ear to ear, both of the girls had an absolute blast hunting for little treasures!

The Milnerton Market runs on Saturdays, Sundays and most public holidays, and can be found alongside Marine Drive (R27). Note that it is completely uncovered, meaning that this market is very much weather dependent, and given the strength and unpredictability of Cape Town’s winds, select your hat accordingly!

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