About An Exploring South African

Curiosity, travel, and discovering new places. Craig Lotter’s An Exploring South African is primarily a South African travel blog of things to do in and around Cape Town, the Helderberg, and the Cape Winelands. A South African software developer at Touchwork, Craig Lotter is a husband to an artisan cake maker, father to two young ladies, and is seemingly constantly on the lookout for new places to explore. Makes sense, he works from home.

And Craig Lotter?

A child of the 80s, teenager through the 90s, and then adulting since the 00s. Married Chantelle in 2009, welcomed Jessica in 2010, and finally allowed Emily to join the party in 2014. Consequently I have no one who wants to throw ball with me, but have to already mentally brace myself for the coming boyfriend years.

craig lotter carrying his little girl jessica

And the blog?

The website An Exploring South African (formerly Dad and the Code, which was the name that replaced Craig Lotter: The Musings of Craig, which in turn was the name that replaced Rugged Rock Studio, which itself was the name that succeeded the original moniker of Codeunit.co.za) is a single author South African personal blog that has been ticking along since late 2007. Over time I have pruned quite a lot of the older content as a lot of it no longer represents my interests or aligns with my values (everyone is always growing), but despite that, as of October 2021 the site still features a hefty 4,772 published posts, with a perfectly acceptable readership number despite my increasingly sporadic post schedule.

Oh, and in 2015 it won the Best Personal Blog category in the African Blogger Awards (which did feel kind of nice).

For more information, to start a conversation, or just comment on something that I posted, please feel free to contact me using the contact form below:

(And if you distrust contact forms, then you could always just e-mail me directly at craig.lotter@gmail.com)

Note, I’m not overly fond of the SEO game, and so aren’t really in the market for sponsored or guest posts for this site. That said, if I do accept a paid for gig, the resulting post will very clearly be marked as either Sponsored or Partner Content.

Bonus Hint: Finally, as a general rule, if you stumble across a profile using some variant of craiglotter as the username, then you have probably found me – e.g. like here on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Not super original I know, but it does tend to make finding me online a little easier.