Who is Craig Lötter?

Craig Lötter is a South African software architect and developer at Touchwork. He is also a husband to a wedding cake baker and father to two little girls.

Consequently, he doesn’t really have time for himself any more.

craig lotter carrying his little girl jessica

More about Craig

I’m a 35+ year old South African male who has resided in the Western Cape all my life (born and raised in Bellville, settled and started my family in Gordon’s Bay). After completing my Matric at The Settlers High School (1998), I pursued my interest in computers by picking up a four year long Bachelor of Business Science (Computer Science) degree from the University of Cape Town (2002).

From there I went on to work a fairly small role in running a Computer Lab for the UCT Faculty of Commerce IT department, before taking up a bigger role as the faculty’s web administrator and support software developer. A couple of years into that (2008), I was picked up by Touchwork as a web developer, and working my way up through the ranks, I now find myself heading up the software development team, planning, creating and implementing all sorts of interesting projects for a varied client base.

I married my wife Chantelle (née Montgomery) in 2009, and we welcomed our first daughter Jessica Madison Lötter into this world at the end of 2010. Just over three years later (January 2014), we were back into the nappies, welcoming our second daughter Emily Jane Lötter into the family.

As a youngster and throughout my twenties I was a pretty active person and enjoyed a varied amount of sporting activities, including the likes of cricket, tennis, hockey, badminton, baseball, squash and cycling. I also partook in martial arts for most of this period, having trained in Tie Hou Quan Monkey Style Kung Fu, Kyokushin Karate, and Funakoshi Karate disciplines. Sadly, marriage and kids have pretty much kept me out of this for a while now, and needless to say, middle age, a sedentary desk job, and far too much “good” eating has sadly caught up with me!

As a youngster I was an avid reader as well as a pencil artist, and over time I consequently fell deeper and deeper in love with the disciplines of comic books and animation, a love which (a little embarrassingly) still burns pretty bright to this day. Video games also scratch that particular itch, though again, lack of free time means that these vices are more treats than anything else.

After all of that, and if you still want to know a little bit more about me, you are welcome connect with me via either Facebook or Twitter, but be warned, I don’t really spend all that much time on social media channels.

(For more formal stuff, you could always find me on LinkedIn as well.)

Digital Skill Set

Although capable of writing desktop software in either C++, C#, Java or Visual Basic (don’t bash it, it is a great way to slapping something together quickly), over the years I’ve fully moved over to become a web developer, my language of choice being PHP. Despite the constant bashing it receives, I find that its flexibility and speed of implementation suits my needs perfectly, and in the right hands PHP can always fit the job at hand.

Obviously being a web developer then means that I’m well versed in your standard SQL databases, MySQL being the one that gets the most love out of me, and of course all the related bits and bobs like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

And then there is of course all the Linux related tips and tricks, Ubuntu being my particular distro of choice.

Mobile is also a fast growing interest, and at the moment my forays into this is based on the cross-platform approach – which can pretty much be summed up as HTML5/Javascript wrapped up with something like Sencha or Cordova.

Oh, and I’m a pretty dab hand with Adobe Photoshop as well, even better when you arm me with a drawing tablet!

Having been in the software development game for more than ten years now, I now find myself heading up and managing a software development team, which of course means a whole new dynamic and skill set to be taken on. For now I’m very happy to be borrowing from the Agile methodology as a process management inspiration, but as with everything in this line of work – it’s a constant learning and evolving experience.

Dad and the Code

The website Dad and the Code (formerly Craig Lotter: The Musings of Craig, before that Rugged Rock Studio and before even that, Codeunit.co.za) is a single author South African blog that has been operating since 2007, and as of 1 May 2014, boasts 4,595 active published posts. The site currently updates around five times a week, and content is evenly split between categories that include technology and code tutorials, popular culture (fanboy) pursuits like gaming, movies, animation and comic books, reviews, humour and self-crafted web comics, parenting advice and life notes, as well as snapshots of the author’s daily family life.

If 2015 it won the Best Personal Blog category in the African Blogger Awards.

african blogger awards 2015 personal category winner - dad and the code by craig lotter

Contact Craig

For more information, to start a conversation, or just comment on something that I posted, please feel free to contact me using the contact form below:

(And if you distrust contact forms, then you could always just e-mail me directly at craig.lotter@gmail.com)

craig lotter, chantelle lotter, jessica lotter, and emily lotter - family photo at Mountain Streams Nursery

Bonus: Generally if you stumble across a profile using some variant of craiglotter as the username, then you have probably found me – like here on Runkeeper, Disqus, Github or Stackoverflow for example!