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Test Your Callbacks with API Tester from Rigor

I’m not entirely sure whether or not Runscope’s excellently useful is still operational, but if not, then Rigor has a great alternative lined up in the form of the aptly (but not quite as cleverly) named API Tester. Built… Continue Reading →

When Will I be Load Shed with EskomSePush

The slickest, easiest way to currently get the answer to when will you be load shed on a particular day is by downloading the quite frankly well written local load shedding schedule app, EskomSePush. (We will all agree to look… Continue Reading →

Check your JSON with JSONLint

Seven years later and I still find myself using JSONLint whenever I need to check that a script is indeed producing or being supplied with a valid JSON string. Pleasingly, a lot of my original 2012 post still checks out:… Continue Reading →

Generate Your Instagram Top Nine

At the end of every year, Instagram users all tend to start releasing their “Best Nine” post for that year, essentially a collage image featuring the top nine posts (in terms of likes) for that account. Strangely enough, Instagram doesn’t… Continue Reading →

How to Download a High Quality Image from an Instagram Post

These days I try to almost always use photos that I myself took when writing posts for this blog, and seeing as Instagram has very much become my social media network of choice over the last year or two, I… Continue Reading →

PHP: Get the first Key of an Associative Array

I am not completely sure about it, but I somehow don’t think that I’ve ever needed to get the first key of an associative array using PHP before. Sure, a simple problem with a simple solution, but seeing as I… Continue Reading →

PHP: “JPEG library reports unrecoverable error: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x89 0x50” Error Solved

My cross-platform Kinetica TouchandTell app running on an old iPad 3 was not successfully uploading images to our new RedStation hosted Ubuntu server (the Android builds were doing it just fine), and I wasn’t really sure why. The Appcelerator Titanium… Continue Reading →

MacBook Air and Xcode: Free up Disk Space by Removing Unwanted/Unavailable Device Simulators

iOS software development on a MacBook Air inevitably then means that you have a couple of Xcode versions installed on your device, and as we all know, these chew up a fair bit of disk space in the process. One… Continue Reading →

MySQL: Solve sql_mode=only_full_group_by Error by Turning off Strict SQL Mode

When moving an older MySQL-based project to a new server instance, one of the SQL query errors bound to immediately strike is that of triggering the sql_mode=only_full_group error, caused by your SQL select statements referring to columns that are not functionally… Continue Reading →

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