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Jack Slack’s Ringcraft: The Art Of The Fighting Stance

Don’t be fooled: Mixed martial arts is a world of rebels, moralists, spiritualists, historians, eccentrics, and nerds – men and women dedicated to mastering the fine art of fighting. Fightland is VICE’s take on this ever-evolving culture—exploring the international influences… Continue Reading →

Basic Monkey-Fighting Combinations

The following combos are monkey-style training combos. The aim of these sets is to teach students to think of combining monkey-fighting elements into a coherent attack pattern. The first four combos are the basic fighting combinations taught. 1. Hook/Punch Combination… Continue Reading →

Tamashii Daiko: Japanese Taiko Drumming in Somerset West

I first came into contact with the wonderful and thoroughly entertaining Tamashii Daiko group through a mutual link via our karate dojo, and thought it worthwhile to promote if you’re looking to pick up on something new in the Helderberg… Continue Reading →

Bo Exhibition Attack by Nakamoto Mamoru

Kobudo, literally “Old Martial Arts”, is the term used these days for the old Okinawan traditional weaponry training. Japanese resident Nakamoto Mamoru is a several times over World Champion in Kobudo and is shown here demonstrating an efficient attack with… Continue Reading →

A Karate Hiatus for Craig

Unfortunately for me, I had foreseen the start of what would eventually be sure to come, and as it so happens, last week I was finally forced to send out this particular e-mail to my Gordon’s Bay Funakoshi Karate International… Continue Reading →

Punching Bag

Despite the fact that I love the people I train with here at the Gordon’s Bay Funakoshi Karate dojo, the one thing that I do lament is the lack of bag training, understandable due to the space restriction, class size,… Continue Reading →

First Beach Training Session of 2012

Saturday the 4th of February marked the first Funakoshi Karate International South Africa beach training session for the year, and as it turned out, we got a lucky break in that the gale force wind that had been pumping through… Continue Reading →

Kyu 2 Brown Belt Achieved!

Pleasingly, despite my reduced commitment to my Karate training regime, I was allowed to grade the Saturday before last, grading for Brown Kyu 2, in other words Brown two stripes (where I was currently Brown three stripes). The grading took… Continue Reading →

My Karate Training Dilemma

I sit with a bit of a dilemma on my hands with regards to my karate training, and the decision is a big one – should I continue or should I stop? It’s important to understand why this dilemma has… Continue Reading →

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