Things to do in Cape Town, the Helderberg, and the Cape Winelands

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Playgirl / Playboy Cupcake Disc Toppers Print

Chantelle’s client needed some pink and black Playgirl / Playboy themed cupcakes for an upcoming birthday party, meaning of course that I was asked to fire up Photoshop in order to oblige. Included in the downloadable zip file is a… Continue Reading →

Lollos and Lettie Birthday Cake Print

Andrea and Albert recently(-ish) hosted a Lollos-themed birthday party for little Bella who turned three (and when I say Lollos-themed, I mean that they had the actual Lollos costume there – which Jessica absolutely loved to bits mind you. It… Continue Reading →

Blast from the Past: 2004 UCT Faculty of Commerce Open Day Screensaver

Stumbled across this in some of my archived documents, and thought it fun to post up here. One of the many things I did while employed by Commerce I.T., part of the Faculty of Commerce from the University of Cape… Continue Reading →

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