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Art and design from the pen, pencils and keyboard of Craig Lotter.

Girl in the Air

Friday night saw me very restless, unwilling to do much other than just lie around. Jessica was fast asleep in bed and Chantelle was hard at work (as per usual) in the kitchen. Seeing as I wasn’t in the mood… Continue Reading →

Royal Black Guard

Back in January 2011 (well actually it was more like the evening of the 31st December, 2010) I whipped up a quick ballpoint sketch based on one of the McFarlane figurines that I own. Well over a year and a… Continue Reading →

Gordon’s Beach Lodge Winter Special Brochure

Just to prove that I’ve still got it if needed, I quickly whipped up this delightful green and white wordy little brochure for Chantelle for use in a post box drop in order to promote Gordon Beach Lodge’s (GBL) Winter… Continue Reading →

Royal Black Guard

However, seeing as Chantelle was preoccupied with Jessica, I needed to entertain myself, and for no reason other than I can, I whipped up the following black ballpoint pen sketch based on one of my McFarlane figurines.

Free Action Hand Icon

I needed to come up with a small 16×16 web icon to denote adding or taking an action to/against an audit and so came up with the idea that a hand being stuck up in the air might just work pretty well in this particular instance.

Sketches: The Enabler

As you can see from the subject matter, no doubt my brain was craving some good wholesome coffee, but considering that one now has to walk all the way downstairs just to make a cup, it might not exactly be getting all that much in the near future.

Sketches: Despair

“Despair” – Okay. So now I have my scanner. Which means I can put a black pen on paper and make a quick scribble in say ten to fifteen minutes. Then I take that sketch home with me, pop it into the scanner and bring the black and white digital copy into Photoshop, where I get to play brush master and bring the black and white to life.

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