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Daycare Toddler Down Emily 20 JAN 2016

One of the inevitable truths of having a baby or toddler that attends daycare is that they are pretty much guaranteed to get sick. A lot.

With so many small, unhygienic little tykes running around, sneezing, and well… touching things, daycare rooms are pretty much covered in little germ surface-to-air missiles (no matter how much the staff wipe and disinfect), meaning that escaping it is nigh impossible!

Unless of course your kid has an impressive immune system at this super young age, or the mix of vitamins and syrups you force feed them before school each day actually does what they promise to do on the box.

sick toddler emily sleeping on the couch with big monkey

Sadly, neither of these two apply to us, and so, after a long, healthy Summer holiday, just a week back at Baby Steps has been enough to leave us with a feverish toddler who keeps throwing up everything we feed her.

Sigh, at least the doctor says it doesn’t look particularly serious, though she did point out a particularly nasty ulcer that seems to have appeared out of nowhere on the side of Emily’s tongue. Ouch!

craig lotter with emily sleeping on his chest

So yeah, I’m not getting a super lot of work done from home at the moment – and for a change it’s not my buggered knee tendon holding me up…

[UPDATE: Oh. It looks like Emily has contracted hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Wonderful.]

Emily Turns Two! Emily 14 JAN 2016

So Emily turned two yesterday. With life being as disrupted as what it currently is, she didn’t wake up to any presents or a cupcake with a candle in it (as is our tradition), but we did at least wake her by singing “Happy Birthday” and “Veels Geluk Liewe Maatjie” – which has to count for something!

156182_10153194210012553_3013057324605161474_n Emily Lotter turns 2

Our little girl is growing up super fast, so much so that after another successful day of playing at Baby Steps, we were told that we need to now start packing panties in her bag because she’s not too worried about really wearing nappies during the day any more!

Geez, where has the time gone!? :)

21618_10153204075100493_6358790796852411577_n Emily Lotter turns 2 at Baby Steps

We did at least treat our little star to some fun play time and food at Strand’s San Francisco Spur in the evening (Jess also, seeing as it was her first day at Gordon’s Bay Primary as well!), and back home before bedtime, Emily was allowed to get stuck into opening her birthday presents that my Mom had dropped off for her last week already.

Next year we’ll be more prepared Emily, promise!

12509504_10153194900052553_3045900418111574015_n Emily Lotter at San Francisco Spur, Strand 12510414_10153194899922553_3269980321264922320_n Emily Lotter at San Francisco Spur, Strand


Well, at least it is a Puddle and not a Sprinkler Emily 10 JUN 2015

Emily didn’t have the greatest of sleeps last night – so it goes with little ones I guess – and it certainly took a little longer than usual to get her out of her cot this morning. Given our tight time schedule (Chantelle working an early, meaning that she needs to be in at the work at 08:00, which in turn means that while she gets ready I need to pack the bags and lunches, and get the kiddies ready for the day), I gently woke Emily up, lifted her out of the cot, carried her over to say a sleepy hi to Chantelle and Jessica, before returning to the room to get my still sleepy baby dressed for the day.

Arming her with distracting fluffy toys, I laid her down on the changing mat, removed her pajama pants and full nappy, cleaned up and got ready to put the replacement nappy on.

Which is the exact point that my hand and foot were all of a sudden warm and wet.

Sigh, at least there is one advantage of having a little girl as opposed to a little boy – I only have to deal with puddles and not sprinkler systems! :)

baby bum in nappy on a yellow changing map

And as an extra bonus, Chantelle snapped some pictures of Emily’s amazing head of bed hair this morning – just to give you an idea as to how very much asleep she still was this morning:

baby emily lotter in pajamas with her tousled bed hair 1

baby emily lotter in pajamas with her tousled bed hair 2

I empathize with you my girl. When its dark like this in the morning, who wouldn’t still want to sleep a little more! :)

Fun Fact: Babies Mess on the Floor when they aren’t wearing Nappies Emily 19 MAR 2015

It’s a well known fact that the reason we are forced to put nappies on babies’ bums is because if we don’t, well then they tend to mess up all the floors with all manner of wet and sticky deposits.

Sadly, this fun fact is something that slipped Chantelle’s mind on Wednesday morning, as I am now about to elucidate.

After a long and good night’s sleep, Emily at last woke up, ready for a brand new day. Of course, she first needed to cry out in order to summon us, and on this fateful morning, Chantelle heeded that call. Picking Emily up out of the cot, Chantelle could smell a stinky poo had already previously erupted, and as such it was straight out of the cot and up onto the changing mat.

In the blink of an eye, the nappy was off, the icky sticky deposits wiped off, and the fanny gleaming with its new found wet wipe cleanliness.

However, it was exactly at this point that Chantelle made her mistake. Thinking it an excellent idea that Emily get some fresh air on her nether regions – you know, to allow everything to breathe – she opted not to immediately put a nappy on and instead placed Emily down on the carpet, confident in the fact that based on the nappy she had just taken off, no bodily functions would be erupting any time soon.

Of course, about 30 seconds later there was a light puddle on the carpet.


In one swift motion Chantelle promptly swore, picked up Emily, and deposited her in the lounge on the tiles by the TV, in order to start the carpet mop up operation.

At last, with the carpet saved, Chantelle triumphantly emerged from Emily’s room, only to look down in horror and find Emily standing above another yellow wet spot – and a pile of freshly squeezed poo.

What a wonderfully entertaining start to the morning for me and Jessica I tell you…

emily lotter baby eating pancake and looking mischievious

The Bambino Roadster Car Seat is Back Again! Emily 26 FEB 2015

It’s hard to think that back in 2011, around Jessica’s first birthday we splashed out and bought a pretty fancy car seat in the form of the Bambino Roadster. Four years later, and just after Emily’s first birthday, we’ve retrieved the Bambino Roadster from storage (thanks Monty and Cheryl for finding the cupboard space for it!), dusted it off, and set it up for round 2 of serving the Lötter family!

emily lotter sitting in the bambino roadster car seat

Although, when I say dusted it off, and set it up for round 2, it turns out that the process wasn’t quite as simple as what I make it out to be. You see, as with most baby/toddler used equipment, the Roadster was pretty damn dirty – full of unidentified smears and stains, and more importantly, full of lengthy cat hair. This of course meant that Chantelle deemed it due a wash in the washing machine.

So she dutifully took everything apart, washed it, and then over the course of the next MONTH, tried to reassemble the thing! (Basically, the Roadster is a pretty damn complex chair to try and figure out!)

In the end, Chantelle resorted to calling up Michelle Oosthuizen, the encylopedia of all child-related things, and when verbal instructions failed, Michelle recorded a full on tutorial video, which became then the key to Chantelle finally finishing (with a lot of swearing) the puzzle that is the disassembled Bambino Roadster car seat!

Of course, I just stood by and smirked, chuckled and in general found the whole ordeal particularly funny from start to finish. After all, I told Chantelle not to mess with the damn thing in the first place!

However, that said, my heart did break for my poor wife, because the very next morning after finishing putting the chair back together, she handed Emily a banana for breakfast. Sadly for Chantelle, Emily was all over the Bambino Roadster like an ant in a sugar bowl, resulting in the Roadster completely covered in smeared banana – stains which don’t just wipe off thanks to the Bambino’s type of material covering.

Sigh, looks like someone will have to disassemble again! :)

Non-slip Baby Bath Mat Emily 16 JAN 2015

Back in December it became increasingly obvious that we would need to upgrade our bathing solution for Emily – seeing as she now kept climbing out of her Bambino bath ring!

So off I nipped to Baby Boom at Somerset Mall (Value Mart), where I was disappointed to find that they only had one type of non-slip baby bath mat in stock – which was pretty pricey to boot (about R300 if I recall correctly).

Nevertheless, it wasn’t safe for us to continue using Emily’s blue bathing ring any more, so I handed over the cash and came home with this soft, blue, and very squishy mat. It appears to be made of a similar material as what Chantelle uses in terms of non-slip mats to transport her cakes on, and I have to say, the material combined with its multitude of little suckers is pretty damn effective.

It’s pretty large, although it doesn’t quite cover the interior of the bath from end to end, and as a bonus, the package included a little knee pad cushion made of the same material as the mat – pretty useful for people who don’t weigh quite as much as me I would assume! ;)

So overall the big blue non-slip mat from Baby Boom works a charm, meaning that scenes like this don’t have us quite so panicked any more:


Of course, if Emily would just stay on the mat then that would be awesome – instead, she seems to rather enjoy following Jessica all around the bath, trying to play with everything that Jess touches!

So, our bathroom bathing arrangements over the course of last year pretty much looked like this then:

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”30103,30104,30105,30106,30107,30108″]

Bonus! A year ago there was much giggling and trying not to laugh out loud when a distressed three year old Jessica called for us to come and help, only for us to walk in on this:


I suspect a nifty bath mat wouldn’t have been of much help back then.

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”30109,30110″]

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Jessica, Chantelle and Baby Emily have a Chat Emily 23 OCT 2014

Shame, Emily really does get the short end of the stick in terms of photos and videos posted here on this blog. Second child syndrome I guess you could call it.

20141022 Emily lotter my wise old man little girl

Anyway, seeing as I literally just posted a video of a really big milestone for my wise old baby girl, I thought it only fair to prop up her video numbers by releasing this quick video I took of Emily back in April – when she was just a teensy weensy four month old baby.

And as you can see, Chantelle and Jessica seem to have enjoyed the chat! :)

There, I feel better as a father now.

Emily Leopard Crawls for the First Time Emily 23 OCT 2014

Wow, ten months down the line already and Emily continues to grow cuter by the day. Ticklish, talkative, inquisitive… and now we can add mobile to the list.

20140927 Emily and her bubble bath beard

Well almost anyway. She was already capable of moving her body around in a circle, but this evening she surprised Chantelle and myself by breaking out her first every leopard crawl.

I watched her first attempt, and then quickly ordered Chantelle to reset her for a second so that I could record it. Needless to say, Emily was less than impressed at having to start back at the beginning, but nevertheless, my little girl soldiered on and made her daddy proud!

See, see! :)

Princess of Hand-Me-Downs Emily 27 SEP 2014

Shame, if being the second child is already so sucky compared to being the firstborn, I would hate to know what it feels like to come third!

Emily is without a doubt the Princess of Hand-Me-Downs, not a title to be proud of mind you. Eight months she has been with us already, and do you know how many new toys we’ve bought for her in all of those eight months?


Zip, zilch, nada.

Quite frankly (from our point of view) she can make do with all of Jessica’s old baby toys and whatever other colourful piece of plastic that catches her eye and won’t cause her to choke. It’s quite shameful actually, but other than clothes, dummies and baby bottles, there isn’t very much else that we’ve bought brand new for her. (And to be honest, if we hadn’t given away 99% of Jessica’s baby clothes to worthy causes over the years before the arrival of Emily, she’d probably be living in those as well!)

If it wasn’t shameful enough, in terms of photos taken with the digital camera (best quality) as opposed to just quick shots with the phone camera (okay quality)? Pretty close to zero as well.

It gets worse though. Number of Emily photos up on display in the house?

Big fat zero.

So Emily Lötter, Princess of Hand-Me-Downs, without a doubt. Shame, no matter how adorable and more cute you might be than the firstborn as a baby, being the second seriously sucks!

baby emily lotter eating a lemon