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Back behind the Keyboard

It had to happen eventually I suppose. Monday rolled in, I pulled up my chair, dusted off the laptop, cracked my knuckles, and dove straight into my inbox. Hey, holidays don’t last forever you know. That said, I can’t say… Continue Reading →

A Karate Hiatus for Craig

Unfortunately for me, I had foreseen the start of what would eventually be sure to come, and as it so happens, last week I was finally forced to send out this particular e-mail to my Gordon’s Bay Funakoshi Karate International… Continue Reading →

Putting on my Sales Cap for Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes

So Chantelle’s Chantelle’s Cookies & Cakes baking business venture has been running for more than a couple of months now, and pleasingly it is going quite well, especially after we discovered the world of food markets through which to sell… Continue Reading →

32 Reached!

So hey, I woke up this morning and realized that I’m 32 now. Seriously old in other words, and completely befuddled as to how time appears to be racing past me quicker than a baby grabbing at a bottle of… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu and My Canon LiDE 100 Scanner

At last, I’ve finally gotten my Canon LiDE 100 Scanner to operate under Ubuntu thanks to the excellent work from the outstanding SANE and some dedicated forum answer masters.

Canon LiDE 100 Scanner

I mentioned the reasons for wanting a scanner previously in these pages and now that I have one, I can made the jump backwards of returning to producing my art on paper and then transferring it to the digital world instead of working completely digitally from step 1. Needless to say, this should bring some more natural lines to the table and I’m excited to be putting pen to paper once again!

The High Price of Standalone Scanners

The reason is pretty simple. A while back I moved to the straight digital path after laying my hands on a drawing tablet to use at home for my own purposes. Doing everything via the digital route definitely has its advantages in terms of speed for time to completion, but in the process I’ve noticed that what I produce is well… diminished in quality to say the least.

Hands-Free Cable Theft

I like commuting into work via train. No traffic to sit in, no searching for parking space, a hell of a lot cheaper, fairly reliable and less wear-and-tear on my car. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years… Continue Reading →

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