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FIFA Corruption, Sepp Blatter finally Resigns, and of course, South Africa looks Dirty Cartoons | Sport & Health 04 JUN 2015

Each and every year before a FIFA World Cup event, we get reminded by media outlets about the various scandals and controversies surrounding world soccer’s overseeing body FIFA.

Last year was certainly no different, with John Oliver and his research team over at Last Week Tonight with John Oliver having a proper go:

Now of course scandal for FIFA is back again, with the surprise move of the USA arresting a dozen of the highest ranking FIFA officials in Switzerland on corruption charges – instantly opening up a massive can of worms and headaches for the football organisation.

(Particularly funny, because as noted, it’s taken the country with seemingly the least amount of interest in soccer to actually do something about this group that holds itself above countries’ laws!)

Needless to say, comedian John Oliver and his team immediately weighed in on the story:

The reality of all of this is of course that it seems long overdue, but at least it has forced the hand of Sepp Blatter and he has stepped down (at last).

Though of course, this could just be an attempt to jump ship before it completely sinks…

Sadly though, South Africa has now been drawn into the thick of it, and no matter how sports minister Fikile Mbalula and his team try to spin it, it is looking pretty much like we paid bribes in order to get the World Cup in 2010.

Sigh, can this beautiful country of ours not get a break or two sometime?

Of course, FIFA and the World Cup has been an inspiration for Zapiro on more than just a few occasions before, but this particular scandal seems to have brought out the best from one of South Africa’s most recognised political cartoonists:

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”4″ ids=”32196,32195,32194,32193″]

My favourite editorial cartoon coming out of this debacle however has to be the one drawn up by the Dr. Jack and Curtis team for EWN (Eyewitness News):

top fifa officials arrested cartoon ewn eyewitness news cartoon by dr jack and curtis


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It’s Tough being a Daddy! Cartoons | Jokes & other Funny Stuff | My Life 23 SEP 2011

Chantelle presented me with this Pajama Diaries cartoon from the paper yesterday, with a broad smile on her face. I took one look and enjoyed an instant giggle. This particular conversation has happened more than once in this household already – more often than not, Daddy just has that magic touch…

…much to the chagrin of Mommy of course! :)

Truly, it is tough being a Dad. You never know just how much you need to do right and how much you need to get hopelessly wrong! :P

Complex Coordination Cartoons 02 JUL 2008

Scott Kurtz’s PVP is a classic webcomic that really has matured and grown in leaps and bounds over the years, producing some VERY funny material in the process! Like this one for instance, a universal truth that ALL women out there can probably relate to! :)

PVP Toilet Seat

Funnily enough, this is one particular male nuance that was bred out of us Lotter boys a LONG time ago! Just shows you that we men can be trained if it is done properly. Hmmm, doughnuts…

Colleagues at Work Cartoons 26 MAR 2008

I routinely used to poke fun at Ryan working from home, focusing mainly on the fact that removed from the office he now really only has ‘virtual colleagues’ to call upon. However, next month I am going to be sitting in exactly the same boat and so I am wondering how I should go about managing my workforce.

Perhaps call a meeting or two…? :)

Adam at Home

Click on the image just in case you do not like squinting so much…

Nipple Shot! Cartoons 12 MAR 2008

Scott Kurtz’s Player vs. Player (PvP) webcomic is always highly entertaining, and this latest paintball arc of his proved to be no exception. Paintball is an addictive, fun adventure outing, but in the hands of a psychopath, could be more just a slightly dangerous pastime.

And as Ryan knows all too well, thanks to a biting rugby opponent who didn’t like his chiseled features, nipples are rather vulnerable spots…

And just to highlight the extreme danger of a nipple-related paintball injury, we have the following :)

As always, click on the images to see them in all their deserving glory.

The Prince of Darkness Cartoons 09 FEB 2008

In light of our current power crisis (pun intended), it would appear that the creators behind the original and still number one South African long-running comic strip, Madam and Eve, had long ago already (way back in 2000 to be exact) pegged the culprit behind our power woes. Previously lit areas beware; you are going to have a HELL of a hard time getting out of this pickle!

As always, click on the image to see it in its full glory!