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FIFA Corruption, Sepp Blatter finally Resigns, and of course, South Africa looks Dirty

Each and every year before a FIFA World Cup event, we get reminded by media outlets about the various scandals and controversies surrounding world soccer’s overseeing body FIFA. Last year was certainly no different, with John Oliver and his research… Continue Reading →

It’s Tough being a Daddy!

Chantelle presented me with this Pajama Diaries cartoon from the paper yesterday, with a broad smile on her face. I took one look and enjoyed an instant giggle. This particular conversation has happened more than once in this household already… Continue Reading →

Pimple Popper

Because deep inside, we’re all poppers. See, even Sinfest acknowledges this… Click to enlarge…

Linux Goes Viral!

Ha ha, brilliant cartoon from Mr. Steve Napierski over at Dueling Analogs today, promoting Linux in his usual fun and rather unusual way. So there you have it, even using a Mac doesn’t prevent you from getting Linux! :)

Complex Coordination

Scott Kurtz’s PVP is a classic webcomic that really has matured and grown in leaps and bounds over the years, producing some VERY funny material in the process! Like this one for instance, a universal truth that ALL women out… Continue Reading →

Colleagues at Work

I routinely used to poke fun at Ryan working from home, focusing mainly on the fact that removed from the office he now really only has ‘virtual colleagues’ to call upon.

Nipple Shot!

Scott Kurtz’s Player vs. Player (PvP) webcomic is always highly entertaining, and this latest paintball arc of his proved to be no exception. Paintball is an addictive, fun adventure outing, but in the hands of a psychopath, could be more just a slightly dangerous pastime.

Software Simian

As a coding monkey myself, I couldn’t help but find this recent Dilbert strip extremely amusing. From now on I shall be referring to myself as CodeUnit, Software Simian for hire!

The Prince of Darkness

In light of our current power crisis (pun intended), it would appear that the creators behind the original and still number one South African long-running comic strip, Madam and Eve, had long ago already (way back in 2000 to be… Continue Reading →

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