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Cam Kennedy: Rogue Trooper: Fort Neuro TPB Cover (2005 Reprint) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 17 MAR 2012

Rogue Trooper from the British 2000 AD catalogue has certainly seen a number of different incarnations over the years, but more importantly, has had some particularly awesome tales about this driven, bio-engineered genetic infantryman and his disembodied comrades published. One such classic that has seen a number of reprints is of course the lengthy Fort Neuro storyline, written by Gerry Finley-Day with art by Brett Ewins and Cam Kennedy.

Of course, whenever the story Fort Neuro gets bandied about, it has to go hand in hand with this absolutely legendary piece of Rogue Trooper cover art released in 1993 from Mr. Cam Kennedy himself! Yup, definitely can’t get any cooler than this…

Frazer Irving: Judge Death – My Name is Death Cover (2005) (Reprint) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 21 JAN 2012

British comic book artist Frazer Irving has turned out to be somewhat of a premiere horror artist, churning out some fiendishly good work for 2000 AD in the past, before going on to make some big waves in the American comic book scene.

Apart from his acclaimed black and white art on Necronauts and his more groovy pencils on the psychedelic Storming Heaven, Frazer Irving also provided the haunting visuals for John Wagner’s Judge Death: My Name is Death and Judge Death: The Wilderness Days story lines.

And of course, when the time came around to collect My Name is Death as a trade paperback, what better to wrap it in than this fantastically dark image courtesy of Mr. Irving!

Bart Sears and Mark Pennington: Rogue Trooper #15 Cover (1987) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 14 JAN 2012

Although a staple in the comic book market back home in Britain, 2000 AD has always traditionally struggled to get a proper foothold or even liking in the American comic book market, though it certainly hasn’t been for the lack of trying. In the 1980’s Quality Comics decided to produce a full colour reprint and repackaging of some classic 2000 AD Rogue Trooper stories for a wider market, ending up with a 37 issue run on their hands and more importantly, introducing some great cover art from the now comic book veteran, Bart Sears.

And as you can see for yourself, picking Sears (with a little help from inker Mark Pennington) to do the classic lone soldier depiction was certainly an inspired choice!

Comic Book Art: Judge Dredd by Jock Comic Book Art | Comic Books 24 OCT 2011

Scottish comic book artist Jock (better known as Mark Simpson to his mum) is best known for his stunning, heavily styled and sketchy artwork over in 2000 AD, where he first got into the game with his Lenny Zero and Judge Dredd pieces.

Since then, he has broken into the American comic book market with his work on The Losers and Green Arrow: Year One, and went on for a successful run on Batman as well as Hellblazer. Also active in providing key work for film productions and promotional campaigns, you can follow the man on Twitter if you really want to know more, or perhaps check out his personal website.

Anyway, on to today’s piece of comic book art, featuring none other than the tough as nails and with the attitude to match dispenser of justice to Mega City One, Judge Dredd.