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Comic Book Art: Superman (Action Comics) by Tony S. Daniel

New 52’s Action Comics Superman packs quite the powerful punch, courtesy of the always dynamic comic book artist Tony S. Daniel!

Jackson Guice: Action Comics #708 (1995) Cover

The grand opening of the Social Services center is turned into a deathtrap by the villain of the same name. With technology from Apokolips, the building is a deadly challenge for Superman and Mister Miracle, who is mysteriously pulled to… Continue Reading →

Adam Kubert: Action Comics #851 Cover (2007)

Action Comics #851 brought us part four of Geoff Johns and Richard Donner’s Last Son story arc, with interior art courtesy of the legendary Adam Kubert. Thanks to the wonder of people who love to document for the reason of… Continue Reading →

Brad Walker and John Livesay: Action Comics #852 Cover (2007)

And in case you were wondering who came up with this rather piercing piece of classic cover art, well look no further than the internal art team of Brad Walker and John Livesay. Nice.

And This is Why You Should Keep All Your Comics

At the end of last month, 22 February 2010, something big happened in the world of comic books, more specifically comic book collecting, when the previous record of $317,000 for an classic issue was easily bested by the auction of a rare 1938 issue of Action Comics #1 for $1 million!

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