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Adam Hughes: Batgirl #5 Cover (2012) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 01 DEC 2012

Following DC’s massive late 2011 New 52 line-up shake-up and relaunch, constant fan favorite Barbara Gordon found herself able to walk again, which of course meant flying high in the boots of Batgirl once more. Issue 5 of the relaunch was written by Gaile Simone and featured the interior art of Vicente Cifuentes.

From the press release: “Still reeling from the shocking return of a major figure with secrets from her past, Batgirl goes on the hunt for the terrifying killer Gretel, whose eerie and violent power over the men of Gotham City leaves no one safe – not even guest star Bruce Wayne!”

Veteran cover artist and a personal favorite of mine, Adam Hughes was roped in to provide the cover, and he came up with this doozy, featuring a bloodied gloved hand approaching an obviously hurting young Batgirl.

Covered: Beautiful Killer #1 (Adam Hughes) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 11 JUN 2011

In 2002 writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Phil Noto unleashed the three part Beautiful Killer story upon the unsuspecting public, via Wizard’s short-lived comics foray, Black Bull Comics. It tells the story of one Brigit Cole, the albino daughter of two renowned, world class top secret agents, who both withdrew from public life to rear Brigit in complete isolation on a secluded island.

Trained by her parents in all the skills of the spy, Brigit is a competent marksman, survivalist, disguise artist and computer hacker, all rolled in one. However, the times have certainly changed since her parents were in active duty, meaning her skills too have adapted to suit our current day and age.

In other words, certainly not a young woman you would wish to make mad and then unleash into the world!

While Phil Noto certainly provided excellent interior work to bring this story to life, it was cover artist extraordinaire Adam Hughes who was turned to in order to provide the striking cover art for issue 1, and as per usual he came up with an absolute beauty!

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Covered: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23 (Adam Hughes) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 12 MAR 2011

Adam Hughes just has a wonderful knack for drawing the female form, and his ability to craft the most beautiful pin-up cover girls is almost legendary.

As per usual, he certainly doesn’t let the fanboys down with this particular cover he crafted for Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes issue 23 (which was formerly titled Legion of Super-Heroes until the name change come issue 16, volume 5), placing a suitably demure pin-up version of everyone’s favourite female Kryptonian sitting on an asteroid.

She seems to like it.

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Covered: Catwoman #45 (Adam Hughes) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 19 FEB 2011

Selina Kyle has always been a character sitting on the fence over at DC Comics, straddling the line of being either a villain or a likeable person, the latter being difficult to make a reality considering Selina Kyle as Catwoman is at the heart of it all, a burglar.

However, this hasn’t stopped the writers from churning out stories forcing us to like her and it is no wonder that this popular temptress is as popular a character as what she is.

As for Adam Hughes, he is a master illustrator when it comes to bringing cute girls to life and with a career that literally spans decades, there is no surprise that when he is turned to to create an eye-popping cover, he delivers.

I mean, just check out this piece of frighteningly brilliant cover art delivered for Catwoman volume 3, issue 45:

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