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Apache: Simple way to Force a Domain Redirect

I was decommissioning an old server the other day, and in the process of moving the system to a new server I learned that the old domain was in fact one that we didn’t directly control. In other words, time… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu: How to set up an Apache Virtual Host (vhost)

To set up a virtual host (vhost) under Apache on your Ubuntu server is relatively simple. First you need to create a config file under the /etc/apache2/sites-available directory. A good practice is to name this file the same as the… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu: How to Enable or Disable an Apache2 Site / Virtual Host

Sites or virtual hosts are extremely useful when you are hosting more than one website on a box. I’ve already shown you how to set up virtual hosts under Apache 2, but I thought I would quickly just give a little more insight into what the a2ensite and converse a2dissite function calls do.

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