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Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes Expands Again! (Bye Bye Braai Room!) My Life 22 MAR 2013

Remember back in December when I purchased a big 450 litre KIC chest freezer for Chantelle’s business? Well the great news is that her business is doing so well that I felt the need to invest in it again. The bad news is of course that my braai room is now pretty much been overrun and taken away from me!

(Hell, even my XBOX and 40 inch Telefunken TV is now living in my study!)

Two large appliances were delivered during the week, both bought from Somerset West Tafelberg Meubels, the first being yet another big KIC chest freezer, and the second being a standalone Perfekt fridge!

It was a bit of fun and games with the fridge though – I opened up the packaging just after the delivery boys had left, only to discover that they had sent through a standalone freezer instead of the standalone fridge that I had wanted. Annoyed I checked my invoice and then recoiled in horror when I saw the clerk had made an error and rung up the freezer instead of the fridge (they’re the same price), with me completely missing it in the process!

Luckily for me the clerk turned out to be a trainee so Tafelberg had no issue in changing the order for me, and by the end of the same day the delivery boys were back again, picking up the hastily repackaged freezer (thanks for the assist Chantelle!) and dropping off our nifty little fridge.

chantelle's cookies and cakes - cupcakes

Right, so now it is only that R10,000 massive thermofan oven we have our eye on plus the R3,000 Kenwood mixer still left on our ambitious capacity expansion plan! :)

chantelle's cookies and cakes - braai room 1

chantelle's cookies and cakes - braai room 2

chantelle's cookies and cakes - braai room 3

Dishwasher Installed! My Life 20 NOV 2012

I just realised that I kind of forgot to mention that a while ago we did indeed get around to making the big kitchen alteration in order to house the new dishwasher that I had bought for Chantelle – and I guess I don’t really have an excuse as to having not mentioned this yet, seeing as the dishwasher has been handling pretty much ALL of the dishes over the past couple of weeks! :)

Anyway, Chantelle and I decided to let her dad take a crack at the project, and together with Rob and Andre, a handyman Monty has entrusted with work around his place for years already, arrived with Cheryl in tow at our house on one fine Saturday morning.

And with Chantelle, Cheryl, Jessica and myself ejected out of the house (shopping, woohoo <- sarcastic) for the most part, the three set about first ripping out the old short counter top between the fridge and the washing machine, taking apart the existing grocery cupboard, building a tiny replacement cupboard from the old cupboard parts, cutting out channels and putting on fittings to enable split water intake and exhaust, putting in a new full length counter top that stretches from the fridge to the door, and finally sliding in and connecting the washing machine and dishwasher, now side by side next to our new tiny cupboard and fridge.

All in a morning’s work it turns out.

It’s not the greatest set of pictures I must admit, but the quality of the work done is fantastic, the speed at which it was done was jaw-dropping, and quite frankly I now owe my father-in-law and brother-in-law big time. This project really came together smartly!

And because it was much cheaper tackling it this way than getting a professional contractor in to do it for us, I managed to purchase a great big linen cupboard to replace the wonky, rickety metal shelves as the now permanent storage spot for all Chantelle’s backing ingredients – right next to the spotless new fridge in the braai room that we added to our collection as well!

Right. New storage spaces, a dishwasher and extended counter space, seriously, Chantelle should now be more than ready for business when Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes opens its full-time endeavour doors starting this December! :)

Game for a Refund My Life 18 NOV 2012

Remember a while ago when I mentioned that I went ahead and spent that bonus I received for the project completed at work on new appliances for the Chantelle’s baking from home business?

What I forgot to mention is that subsequent to buying the appliances, my father-in-law Monty scored me a rather big saving, putting a tidy little sum of money back into my pocket – and all by noting Game’s we’ll match any price policy!

They don’t usually make a big song and dance about it or advertise it in your face, but for years Game has had a policy whereby they’ll match the price of any good if you can find the same good for cheaper elsewhere, and similarly will refund you the difference if you find the good which you just purchased from them elsewhere for a lower price within 21 days of your purchase.

Now I didn’t even think of this, but Monty did, especially when he tracked down the dishwasher selling for R600 less at Tafelberg in Bellville. So off to Somerset Mall we went, and while I was keeping young Jessica entertained, Chantelle and Cheryl approached the help desk, waited as they called through to verify Tafelberg’s price, and then refunded the R600 onto my credit card.

Seriously awesome little bonus and definitely something I’ll keep in mind when making future big purchases from Game! :)