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Not so ATM Attentive My Life 08 NOV 2012

I suspect that I’m not quite as focussed as I used to be. The other day whilst I was manning the market stall with Cheryl, I abandoned my post in order to go and withdraw some money from the Willowbridge ABSA ATM machine.

I absent-mindedly waited in the queue until it was my turn to utilize the machine, and when the time arrived, I confidently strode up, put my debit card into the slot, selected a language and then hit the Proceed button.

The ATM then happily spat my card back out at me informing me that the PIN was incorrect.

Which made sense considering that I had somehow forgotten to type it in before hitting the Proceed button!

Anyway, round two went far more smoothly, as I entered the amount to withdraw, waited for the transaction to complete, retrieved my card and walked away.

Having walked a couple of metres away, I noted to myself as I placed my card into my wallet that the wallet was still pretty empty. It was right then that I did a sharp turn, rushed back towards the ATM and grabbed my money out of the still loudly beeping ATM.


Attentiveness. Not quite what it used to be.

Foiled at the Pumps My Life 16 SEP 2010

This morning I was once again foiled at the pumps, but not by the lack of petrol attendants as has been the case over the last two weeks. No, as the guy who assisted me clarified, while the strike may very well be continuing on the television, the reality is that a lot of the guys on the ground have begun to return to work because simply put, two weeks off with no pay at that particular income level is not a particularly easy thing to do!

I had left home a couple of minutes later than per usual thanks to me wanting to run some updates on my Ubuntu machines and the need to console poor old Chantelle who is so frustrated because she can’t get a good night’s rest at the moment, meaning that the last thing I wanted to see as I pulled out of the parking lot was an empty fuel tank.

Great. Getting petrol in the early hours (i.e. 06:15) has not been a particularly smooth process this last little while, and so I thought I would hit a petrol station I don’t normally use, the BP garage on the corner by the Strand train station. And I was in luck – or so I thought – because as I approached I saw a petrol attendant in uniform, ready to serve.

Fantastic. So the petrol went in, I struck up conversation and finally whipped out my debit card to complete the transaction.

Except the stupid card reader didn’t want to connect. Three times. No problem, we’ll just use the different type of card machine in the office. No luck either. Three times again.

Sigh, so now I was in need of an ATM, the one thing that this petrol station doesn’t have going for it. Meaning that I needed to leave my car where it was standing and trot around the corner and down the road where there happened to be a Nedbank ATM available.

Brilliant. So out spewed the cash, which I carefully guarded from a rambling hobo lady who seemed intent on making as much colourful commentary as possible, not to anyone in particular mind you, but loud enough for the whole world to hear her mutterings.

Still, I made it back to the petrol station, paid the money, jumped in the car and was off – the entire incident wasting a rather agonising twenty minutes of my life.


But at least my Getz had a full tummy out of all of this! :)

Karma (for an ATM bomber at least) General Nonsense 19 JUN 2007

Sometimes karma can be such a bitch :)

ATM bomber loses arms
18/06/2007 22:18 – – (SA)

Johannesburg – Gauteng police spokesperson Sanku Tsunke says an ATM robber’s arms have been surgically amputated after explosives detonated while he was trying to remove cash from the machine.

The 26-year-old man and his accomplices had detonated explosives at an ATM in Bosmont, west of Johannesburg, on Saturday.

Tsunke said the robber had approached the machine to collect the money, but some of the explosives had not detonated and they exploded on his arms.

Without taking the money, the man’s alleged accomplices took him to hospital where his arms were amputated.

So when the police haul this bloke off to prison do they bother searching him if he is already unarmed? :P