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Strolls with the Pram (2014-09-07)

It’s hard to think that a year ago we were still carting Emily around in her pram. Seriously, how quickly time flies when you’re having fun! :) And even in her late 3’s, Jessica was pretty eager to help carting… Continue Reading →

Well, at least it is a Puddle and not a Sprinkler

Emily didn’t have the greatest of sleeps last night – so it goes with little ones I guess – and it certainly took a little longer than usual to get her out of her cot this morning. Given our tight… Continue Reading →

Emily’s 1st Birthday Party (2015-01-11)

So the 13th of January rolled in and with it, Emily turned one. Seriously can’t believe how the first year of having the cutest baby in the world as part of our family is already over! Anyway, taking Chantelle’s guest… Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: Emily brings the Festive Cheer! (2014-11-20)

Every year photographer Wendy Swart pops in at Baby Steps in order to take photos of all the little ones which the parents can then later choose to purchase. Wendy seems to like props. A lot. So if you are… Continue Reading →

Jessica, Chantelle and Baby Emily have a Chat

Shame, Emily really does get the short end of the stick in terms of photos and videos posted here on this blog. Second child syndrome I guess you could call it. Anyway, seeing as I literally just posted a video… Continue Reading →

Emily Leopard Crawls for the First Time

Wow, ten months down the line already and Emily continues to grow cuter by the day. Ticklish, talkative, inquisitive… and now we can add mobile to the list. Well almost anyway. She was already capable of moving her body around… Continue Reading →

Princess of Hand-Me-Downs

Shame, if being the second child is already so sucky compared to being the firstborn, I would hate to know what it feels like to come third! Emily is without a doubt the Princess of Hand-Me-Downs, not a title to… Continue Reading →

Throw Up… Meet Face

Ugh, well that was pretty gross. We’d just dressed up little Emily in her super cuddly and cute brown teddy bear suit, and while Chantelle was getting herself ready to head out with Em, I sat down with the little… Continue Reading →

Emily fails to help me Pack Away Washing

As it turns out, Emily is rather useless when it comes to helping me pack away the kids’ washing. I put her down on the bed, throw out the washing, go pack a few pairs of pants away in Jessica’s… Continue Reading →

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