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Day of Goodwill 2011

Here’s an interesting note. Despite the fact that almost everyone always talks about Boxing day as being the public holiday directly following Christmas, officially its name has been Day of Goodwill since 1980 already! Anyway, moving right along, I did… Continue Reading →

A Royal Cock-Up

I don’t usually sleep around, hell, I don’t think I’ve slept around at all since going out with Chantelle, but last night, last night was different… I slept over at my mom’s place.

This tiring you out yet?

*whew* The fatigue that plagued me in Monday nights squash, followed me to squash on Tuesday evening, and made Karate hell on Wednesday, decided to even join the party for the mild Thursday nights badminton too. (Well I did go… Continue Reading →

Badminton: Irrefutable proof that I actually play

My brother was messing with his camera last night and sent me the following two videos. So I think to myself, what a perfect opportunity to prove that I don’t just make all this stuff up. So presented here are… Continue Reading →

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