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Day of Goodwill 2011 Jessica | My Life 28 DEC 2011

Here’s an interesting note. Despite the fact that almost everyone always talks about Boxing day as being the public holiday directly following Christmas, officially its name has been Day of Goodwill since 1980 already!

Anyway, moving right along, I did in fact enjoy a pretty awesome Day of Goodwill 2011, despite the fact that wifey was working. It kicked off in the morning, as I got on with the packing while Jessie finished her breakfast routine, before the two of us shot through to Bellville, with the little cupcake enjoying her morning snooze in the comfort of her baby seat. In Bellville I met up with my folks at the Bellville Methodist Church, where the hall was subsequently unlocked and the people streamed in for a morning of badminton in what can only be described as sweltering sauna conditions! It was very much a Montagu and Lotter clan event, and in total there were about six active players on the morning, which meant plenty of game time for the full 2 hour period that we played.

With Granny and plenty of others there to keep Jessica entertained, daddy got to thoroughly enjoy himself knocking the shuttlecock around the court, something he hasn’t done in what feels like years! (You should have seen the amount of dust I had to blow off my racquet cover when I finally found it at the back of the storage cupboard!)

Eventually it was time to head home to start the afternoon routine with Jess, and so Mom and I headed off to their pad while Dad went out to scrounge up some food for lunch. With Jessie seen to and ready for her nap, Mom, Dad and I sat down and enjoyed a light lunch together outside on what really was a beautiful Summer’s day.

Now Dad and I had already seen fit to get rid of all the sweat from the morning’s play by taking a quick dip in the pool before lunch, but because this had been my big plan for the day, there was definitely no way I wasn’t going back in – all I needed was Jessica to wake up, so that I could plonk her into her swimming gear and then lather her up with some sunblock!

It took a little while to get my pink munchkin used to the water temperature (she normally swims in a heated pool), but once she was ready, I got into the pool and Dad passed her to me, marking the very first time little Jessie has been in Grandpa and Gran’s pool! :)

I’m not sure how long we played in the water for, but it felt like absolute ages, as Grandpa joined in on the fun and games, after passing along the camera to Granny who happily snapped photos from a safe and dry distance!

Ryan eventually stopped by as well, though not in time to join us in the water, but definitely in time for the big presents reveal, as we (and it was probably more Mom than anyone else!) happily worked through opening up Jessie’s huge stash of presents she had received from everyone for Christmas for her!

With the presents exchanged and snack time out of the way, it was time to bundle Jess back into the car and head off home to Gordon’s Bay, with her again enjoying a nice long snooze in the baby seat while daddy drove the boring trip all on his lonesome! Back home we met up with Chantelle who had been on a cleaning drive, and after the whole bed time routine for Jess, we quickly whipped up some chicken burgers for supper, before falling back on the sofa and enjoying the thoroughly delightful Tangled which I had rented from Mr. Video a little bit earlier!

So yup, definitely a good Day of Goodwill then! :)

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A Royal Cock-Up My Life | Sport & Health 06 JUN 2008

BadmintonI don’t usually sleep around, hell, I don’t think I’ve slept around at all since going out with Chantelle, but last night, last night was different…

…I slept over at my mom’s place.

Why, you might be asking at this point? Well, not for any sinister reason I assure you. The Bellvile Methodist Church hall is currently housing around 150 odd destitute xenophobic victims, which obviously means that the weekly social badminton held there every Thursday evening and Monday morning has been put on hold indefinitely. However, the ever intrepid Aunty Elsa came up with a neat little solution – set up a friendly social match with the nearby Bellville badminton club, whose headquarters sit in 8th Avenue Boston.

Now to make up a team you need six players, three male and three female, and with my dad out on crutches after undergoing a knee operation this week and mom also out with a niggle, Claire and myself found ourselves being asked to fill in and help out.

Now I am currently at the lowest point of fitness that I have experienced in my life and haven’t been on a court (for any sport) in literally months, but nevertheless, I immediately agreed to help out and joined up with Ryan and Claire at mom’s place last night, before heading out to the match location.

On entering the premises, I was more than pleasantly surprised to recognize at least six or so people I used to play with back at Sanlam when I still played league, way back in the early 2000s. Of course, having undergone quite a few dramatic changes to my appearance, not a single one of them recognized or recalled me, but still, it was good to see them and catch up a little on what they had been up to over these last couple of years.

Our team for the night consisted of Elsa, Colleen and Claire for the ladies, while Ryan, Nicky and I made up the men, and all were eager for a little court action. Unfortunately for us social bumpkins, picking a fight, albeit a social fight, with a league playing team is not the greatest of ideas, especially if you normally play on a court that has almost no space around it, has a fairly low ceiling, and you play with plastic shuttlecocks. No, these opponents are the type of opponents that take the game seriously – with or without the ‘social’ tag.

Firstly, the use of feather shuttlecocks was a prerequisite. Now for any of you who have played the game with both types before, you will know the huge difference in weight and thus playing style and timing that comes with playing with feather instead of plastic. Now for me it isn’t that much of a problem because I used to play with feather back in my league days, but for some of the others it was pretty much their first time knocking about a feather in match conditions.

Of course, the diffenerce in level between the two sides was always going to be great (never judge a badminton player by their age – often the older you get, the better your placement gets, and thus the easier it is to win games) and it was thus no surprise that we lost all of our games in the end. Out of all of us, probably only Colleen stood a good chance of winning her singles games, but unfortunately for her, lack of match fitness cost her and she lost her nerve and in doing so lost the match.

Ryan and Nicky didn’t do too horribly in the men’s doubles, but they were dealt with easily enough, while Claire and Elsa went down fairly quickly in the ladies’ doubles, only putting up a bit of fight in the second game. Elsa asked me to play the singles, which a year or two wouldn’t have been a problem, but in my current state of health, it probably was not the greatest of ideas.

Funnily enough, despite the new scoring system that they used (which none of us were familiar with), I actually managed to win my first game, but I was huffing and puffing so much that I thought I might die of a heart-attack there and then! (As it was, I even had to deal with a stitch in my side at one point in the match!) Unfortunately, from that point onwards it was pretty much all downhill, as once again my bum knee gave out on me during an early point in the second game (you play the best of three) when I had to hustle to pick up a short shot. And with the knee blown, there went the game with it.

The mixed doubles didn’t fare any better unfortunately, with Ryan and Elsa going down (but after a good fight) and Colleen and Nicky also losing out. Claire and I played together for a change, and although we normally play quite nicely together, my immobility cost us heavily as we spent most of the games trying to come up with tactics in which Claire was responsible for most of the covering work. A lot of unforced and positioning errors later, and we were down and out for the count.

Despite the losses that we suffered, I at least can take some consolation in the fact that I managed to chow through at least half of their tube of new shuttles, four or five of which had to be replaced during our singles games alone! True, it was mostly my opponent that kept switching between shuttles because he wasn’t happy (generally as soon as he lost two or more points in a row), but secretly I know that my slicing action on the feathers WAS the main cause for the shuttlecocks’ early demise! :)

The actual badminton aside, the people we played against last night were really friendly and welcoming, and once all the games had been said and done, it was time for a nice round of tea and cake to end off the evening, a practice I remember from the good old league days. From there it was back to mom’s place where Ryan and I stayed up past midnight, battling each other in both PES 2008 and Table Tennis, with Ryan gaining the upper hand in almost all of the clashes :( (But don’t worry, I’m starting to get used to the Xbox controller at last! Next time it will be a different story, I promise!)

I have to admit, last night was tons of fun, and I didn’t realize just how much I missed this part of my life. Now that I am far removed from Bellville, all my badminton and squash activities are no more, with the result that I am now completely and utterly court unfit. Add a bum knee into the mix and you are left with a very depressed Craig. The most frustrating thing about last night was the fact that I know that my singles (and doubles) games would have been a walk in the park a year or two ago, but that I severely let myself down by having let my body down as much as I have this last year or so.

Yes, I keep saying “oh my knee this” and “oh my knee that” and yes, it is the truth because that has been a major problem for me, but I also know that when it gets to the nitty gritty of the matter, I really only have myself to blame. Hopefully last night’s excruciatingly poor performance will be enough of a kickstart to get me back to where I once was in terms of fitness, if not perhaps a little better. One can only hope.

In any event, last night’s badminton was really fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully Aunty Elsa doesn’t drag her feet too long and organizes another social match – and more importantly – they need me to fill in for them again! :)

This tiring you out yet? My Life 11 MAY 2007

badminton shuttlecock about to be served*whew* The fatigue that plagued me in Monday nights squash, followed me to squash on Tuesday evening, and made Karate hell on Wednesday, decided to even join the party for the mild Thursday nights badminton too. (Well I did go for a jog at gym beforehand, but I swear it was a relaxed one). Got fighting practice tonight, but I solemnly promise that Ill take this weekend off to try and recharge my batteries a bit. I would seem that even I’m not superman just yet. I blame it on that kryptonite they dug up in Serbia.

Terrance is convinced that this is all simply a plan to have an alibi for when I drop his meat into the fire tonight. Well, I’m not telling ;)

Badminton: Irrefutable proof that I actually play My Life 04 MAY 2007

badminton shuttlecock about to be servedMy brother was messing with his camera last night and sent me the following
two videos. So I think to myself, what a perfect opportunity to prove that I don’t just make all this stuff up. So presented here are two clips from last
night’s badminton. (I’m the guy in the foreground with the white t-shirt. Karl’s the guy at the back wearing the white shorts).

As a note, badminton at the Methodist Church Hall on a Thursday night is something that has been going on for years and years now. I practically grew up in there for that matter… 

Apologies for the EXTREMELY bad quality of the clips, but I guess they are what they are.