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Joke Factory: Super Pussy Jokes & other Funny Stuff 13 AUG 2011

An elderly grandfather was sitting on the edge of his bed, busy removing his socks.

All of a sudden, his wife of fifty years came running naked down the passage, burst into the room, and leapt into the air and onto the bed, arms outstretched and screaming “Super Pussy!!!!” as she came down.

The old man turned his head and calmly said:

“I’ll have the soup please.”

DIY Home Upgrade My Life 17 MAY 2011

We really haven’t spent much time or money on improving the house in a very long time, with life and the garden simply getting in the way of the small amount of free time we do seem to have here in Country Mews. However, this weekend saw us pick up the DIY reigns once more, as we kitted out in the process two bathrooms, one bedroom and even slapped in one shiny steel rack for the shed!

Of course, one can’t tackle these sort of projects without spending some money (and by some money I mean a LOT of money), which is why both the day of my birthday and this past Saturday saw us spend an inordinate amount of time in the shops, targeting Mr. Price Home, Builder’s Warehouse and Game in particular, making them all a little richer and us a whole lot poorer in the process! :)

Sunday was deemed DIY day (although Saturday I did manage to finally get to the much needed lawn cut and edge trim, never mind the handing of my most awesome Batman print in the study) and when Chantelle popped in from her split shift, we first tackled the main bedroom where we hung our newly purchased curtain and put up our nifty three part purple flower print, complete with matching throw and pillows to bring a nice combination of grey and purple into our room. For the record, little Jessica LOVES the cylindrical grey pillow we’ve added into the mix.

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The Guest House Bedroom My Life 25 OCT 2010

The one thing I am probably the most relieved about after moving all our furniture into the new house is without a doubt the fact that our brilliant, beautiful queen-sized bed actually fits in our rather small bedroom – but leaving enough space that I can actually walk all the way around it and don’t have to bother Chantelle by doing graceful tuck and roll dives through the air and over her to get to my side of the bed.

(I let her have the side closest to the en-suite toilet. Strategic thinking on my part you see.)

Anyway perhaps not the best of photos for you to see how the bedroom currently looks, but note the beautifully light clay coloured walls painted by yours truly, the delightful suede headboard, the nifty, stylish new bedside lamps on the new (obscured) bedside tables, all complemented by the all important queen-sized bed, draped completely in fluffy white.

Just like a proper guest house room if you ask me (and anyone else who has seen it already).

Oh, and instead of chocolates at the end of the bed, you get your very own furry water bottle for those cold winter nights!

Seriously. Is this luxury or what? :P

Our very guest house inspired bedroom, complete with non matching cats.