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Can you park a BMW without looking out of the Window?
[Partner Content] 13 MAY 2014

Intrepid cars.co.za reporter Ciro De Siena is back at it once again, this time putting the new BMW 4-Series advanced parking sensors to the test. The question being answered?

Well, can you park a BMW 4-Series without looking out of the window?

(Nothing that can’t be tested without an old newspaper, masking tape, and a handy nearby parking garage it turns out!)

With that question now answered (for those of you without Youtube video support, the answer is a resounding yes, thanks to some genius new technology in terms of parking assist), it might not be a horrible idea to skip straight through to Ciro’s more in depth review of the new BMW 435i, hosted of course at the always informative cars.co.za website!

blue BMW 435i car

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Joke Factory: The Usefulness of Tees Jokes & other Funny Stuff 31 AUG 2012

A golfer is on his way to Sun City to play in the annual golf tournament there. Passing through some pretty rural terrain, he is brought to a grinding halt when his BMW suffers a flat tire on one of the rear wheels.

As he is busy changing the tire, a local comes across the scene and notices the two tees that has fallen out of the golfer’s pocket as he worked on the wheel.

Curious, the local asks the golfer what they are.

“Oh those?” the golfer replied. “They’re called tees and they are for resting my balls on when I drive.”

“Bliksem!” exclaimed the local. “Those guys at BMW think of everything!”

Earl Rose writes off Ooskus Fish & Chips My Life 23 AUG 2012

Remember I noted that Monday morning’s Die Burger carried two local stories of interest in its pages regarding events over the past weekend?

Well the first had to do with Chantelle’s 80 year old great uncle Hubert Montgomery who got knighted by the Spanish monarchy for his lifelong contributions and commitment to the sport of weightlifting. However, this played second fiddle to the front page story, which if you are already not quite a fan of the guy, makes for quite a good chuckle.

So at more or less 03:00am last Sunday morning, an allegedly completely drunk out of his mind Earl Rose, a professional rugby player who hasn’t been playing all that much rugby this season, managed to come racing at full tilt down Sir Lowry’s road in his fancy sponsored black BMW, with his wife Amor seated beside him.

Unfortunately for him, he opted not to hit the breaks as he came to the end of the road, a t-junction mind you, and instead raced head first into the unfortunate beloved Ooskus Fish & Chips shop, a Gordon’s Bay establishment that has been around for 38 years mind you. (In other words, its not as if this t-junction with a shop at the opposite side of it just cropped up overnight!)

Also, note that the luckless Mr. Rose was shirtless at the time.


Needless to say, the owners of Ooskus are less than impressed, and undoubtedly, their insurance as well. After all, I think it is just short of a year ago now, when poor old Ooskus’ kitchen burnt out thanks to a fiery accident. So luck is definitely not on their side.

It is however on Mr. and Mrs. Rose’s side though. If you look at the damage the crash caused, they’re pretty lucky to have walked away from this unscathed!

(Chantelle grabbed these snaps on Sunday morning on her way to work).

Good news though. Ooskus is trading from the owner’s home which sits next door to the devastated shop, and from the look of things, repairs to the main shop are already well underway.

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