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New Colours for the Girls’ Room and the Braai Room (2016-05-18) My Life 24 MAY 2016

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Kaylan from Creative Designs All Sorts was hard at work transforming two of the rooms in our house, namely Jessica’s room (which is now Jessica and Emily’s room) as well as the Braai/Dining/Office room (which in its previous life was a garage).

Chantelle planned and orchestrated this whole thing, picking out the colours of Garnet and Safari Tan for her Dining Room transformation, while going for the more traditional pink and purple for the girls’ room.


Oh, and don’t forget the stripes!

The process was more messy than what I might have liked, but you certainly can’t fault the end result. After lots of hours, a few battles with paint not covering a wall, and loads of masking tape, the two rooms are looking rather fetching indeed!


Money well spent I reckon!

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A Fresh Coat of Paint for the Dining and the Girls’ Rooms My Life 20 MAY 2016

Chantelle is currently enjoying some leave, and as such has finally gotten around to one of her long dormant pet projects – beautifying our home. With this in mind, she roped in Kaylan from Creative Designs All Sorts, and before long, mysterious spots of different colors started appearing in Jessica’s room and the Dining/Braai/Office room.

I then blinked twice and there all of a sudden was Kaylan, painting our wall red!

IMG_20160517_123433 kaylan from creative designs all sorts painting our braai room wall red

Well that’s not strictly true. I did have to help Chantelle remove all shelves from the walls, plugs the holes and prep the rooms for painting – not to mention shuffle all the furniture and toys around so that there was at least space to paint.

Chantelle’s got big plans for the house in general, but for now we’re starting small. The dining room and jessica’s room, the first becoming a nice safari tan with a garnet focus wall, the latter turning candy pink complete with a pink and purple striped focus wall.

Oh, and we’ve sold Jessica’s bed, clearing way for the purchase of a new bunk bed – yes, whether they like it or not, the two girls are about to become roomies!

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The end result is going to look amazing…

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Project Shelving: Phase 2 Completed My Life 04 AUG 2013

The shelving that I erected last time around was proving to be not quite enough for Chantelle’s growing business, meaning that it was time to initiate the Project Shelving: Phase 2 initiative – in other words, time for more shelves… a lot more shelves.

Like a true professional I tackled the task by first whipping out my notepad, pen, calculator and measuring tape, setting about making notes and diagrams of what I needed done. Armed with this information I missioned off to Builder’s Warehouse in Somerset West, where I was promptly told I had completely miscalculated the size of the board – which I then realised I had. Oops. Nevertheless, after playing around on their board cutting software, I managed to squeeze out six decent sized melamine chipboard shelves, with a couple of smaller ones thrown in for good measure, the cutting and material cost of which was only about R400, not too bad at all.

However, having done this last time around I knew the real price of the exercise lies in the railings and brackets – and rightfully so, they rang in at about R1,300! Because of the changes to my initial plans (basically I ended up getting a lot more shelves than originally bargained for), I spent a couple of hours in Builder’s Warehouse recalculating the amount of fasteners, railings sizes and brackets, but eventually I managed to get everything together and joined the super lengthy queue waiting to be served on what turned out to be a particularly busy Saturday afternoon for Builder’s Warehouse.

Back home I set about emptying the braai room, and then carefully took apart my previous shelving attempt, basically replacing it with a much longer set of rails which were more conveniently spaces and now holds five shelves, with the bottom shelf being a nice big work surface positioned right next to the oven for easy use.

Then I moved the old brackets across the room to above the work table, giving Chantelle an extra three shelves, the top most being a super large shelf, perfect for packaging material.

Finally, I slotted in the smaller shelves onto the existing corner shelf increasing it’s count to four, thereby completing Chantelle’s new look workspace/braai room!

I did the first set of five shelves and the small shelves on Saturday afternoon, and then completed the rest of the shelving on Sunday morning, and just because I could (in other words, my drill was already out), I then finished up by fixing a flat wall mount bracket in the office (R75), perfect for holding my monitor at the required height while I stand and work!

2013-07-29 09.59.20

All in all, I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with how everything came out, especially if you consider that this was my first time putting everything up without the aid of a laser level!

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Project Shelving: Phase 1 Complete My Life 07 MAY 2013

The continued slipping away of my manly braai room into the all-encompassing clutches of Chantelle’s Cookies & Cakes venture went a step further this weekend, as I finally got Project Shelving off the ground and installed what I’ll refer to as Phase 1 shelving for now.

And following the acquisition of yet another medium duty mixer (a nifty Russell Hobbs mixer from Game) for the kitchen, the only real missing piece of the Cookies and Cakes puzzle is now the second oven, something we’ve already identified but just need a little time to save up for – and of course give us time to get a little bit of electrical work done…

braai room chantelle's cookies and cakes shelving 1

Anyway, back to the shelving. With Chantelle not available I needed to factor Jess into my calculations and so came up with the length of 140 centimeters, the longest length of a board that my car could load taking into account both Jessica and I occupying front seats. I decided to use Builders Warehouse in Somerset West as my supplier of choice, mainly because I could get everything under one roof, including getting the boards cut, and after a fairly hassle free process, I walked out with brackets, two full length chipboard shelves, two pieces of off-cuts (which I would later decide to turn into shelves as well) and a variety of fasteners and drill bits.

After a bit of discussion with Chantelle we selected the area next to the indoor braai as the ideal hanging spot and after a bit of manual effort, my shelves were up and ready for loading. As per usual Dad’s tripod and auto-levelling laser came in super useful in getting everything lined up nicely and I have to admit, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. The only change I think that I’ll still make is to introduce a third bracket down the middle, just to provide extra support and allow us to load heavier packaging and ingredients on the shelves without causing too much warping.

As an added bonus, I noticed that the off-cuts that I had received slotted in perfectly next to the linen cupboard currently serving as Chantelle’s main smaller ingredients holding space, and so after another visit to Builders Warehouse (where I was forced to purchase a different bracketing system thanks to them being sold out of the one I had just bought the previous day), I set up a smaller single purpose stack of shelves, perfect for carrying the weight of all Chantelle’s flour and sugar. (The new brackets are rated to hold up to 55 kilograms).

So a job well done and one step further along the path of never using my indoor braai ever again. Sigh.

I must just note though, shelving is certainly not cheap. With the wood costing about R350 and the metal brackets all together weighing in with another R500-R600, not to mention all the other little extras, the whole project still ended up costing me just short of a R1,000 – certainly not pocket change then. Still, a small price to pay for Chantelle’s rapidly expanding empire! :)

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Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes Expands Again! (Bye Bye Braai Room!) My Life 22 MAR 2013

Remember back in December when I purchased a big 450 litre KIC chest freezer for Chantelle’s business? Well the great news is that her business is doing so well that I felt the need to invest in it again. The bad news is of course that my braai room is now pretty much been overrun and taken away from me!

(Hell, even my XBOX and 40 inch Telefunken TV is now living in my study!)

Two large appliances were delivered during the week, both bought from Somerset West Tafelberg Meubels, the first being yet another big KIC chest freezer, and the second being a standalone Perfekt fridge!

It was a bit of fun and games with the fridge though – I opened up the packaging just after the delivery boys had left, only to discover that they had sent through a standalone freezer instead of the standalone fridge that I had wanted. Annoyed I checked my invoice and then recoiled in horror when I saw the clerk had made an error and rung up the freezer instead of the fridge (they’re the same price), with me completely missing it in the process!

Luckily for me the clerk turned out to be a trainee so Tafelberg had no issue in changing the order for me, and by the end of the same day the delivery boys were back again, picking up the hastily repackaged freezer (thanks for the assist Chantelle!) and dropping off our nifty little fridge.

chantelle's cookies and cakes - cupcakes

Right, so now it is only that R10,000 massive thermofan oven we have our eye on plus the R3,000 Kenwood mixer still left on our ambitious capacity expansion plan! :)

chantelle's cookies and cakes - braai room 1

chantelle's cookies and cakes - braai room 2

chantelle's cookies and cakes - braai room 3

Braai Room Fun (or why Olympus is not Impressed with Us) My Life 12 SEP 2012

Although we kind of put the brakes on all our interior decorating desires for the house ages ago, I must say that the addition of the furry carpet in the braai room has really turned it from being a bit of an unused white elephant into Jessica’s and my personal playground.

Jessica watching Shaun the Sheep

(This could of course largely be attributed to the fact that the front half of the braai room is now officially regarded as Jessica’s playroom – basically all the toys are stored there these days!)

So apart from the rather obvious braais and usage of the area as a storage locale for all Chantelle’s baking ingredients, Jessica and I use the braai room to:

a) watch Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time
b) read books together (and by read I mean page through books)
c) play xbox (and wrestle the controller away from Jessica)
d) press every conceivable button available
c) play with the Lego blocks
d) torture Olympus the cat
e) braai (funnily enough)

In any event, there really isn’t much of a point to this particular post – I merely needed an excuse to post these two pictures of Olympus looking not so amused with Daddy and Jessica! :)

Olympus being not particularly impressed with Jessica and myself

Trying to play it nonchalant, despite the two rather colorful rings that have been placed on his unsuspecting tail

Needless to say, those two pictures make this entire post worth it. Of course, I’ll throw in a random braai photo just to make this whole thing that little more legit:


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