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Kyu 2 Brown Belt Achieved!

Pleasingly, despite my reduced commitment to my Karate training regime, I was allowed to grade the Saturday before last, grading for Brown Kyu 2, in other words Brown two stripes (where I was currently Brown three stripes). The grading took… Continue Reading →

My Karate Training Dilemma

I sit with a bit of a dilemma on my hands with regards to my karate training, and the decision is a big one – should I continue or should I stop? It’s important to understand why this dilemma has… Continue Reading →

Funakoshi Karate International Syllabus: Brown Belt 3rd Kyu to Brown Belt 2nd Kyu

The following items make up the required syllabus in order to grade up from a brown belt 3rd kyu to a brown belt 2nd kyu level. The items are divided up into Saiten Kentai Waza (Grading Forms), Katas, Basic Kihon… Continue Reading →

Karate Tip: Adding Stripes to Your Belt

Here’s a handy tip for adding the necessary two or three stripes to your belt whenever you reach a level that requires that sort of distinction from the plain color of the belt.

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