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Joke Factory: Getting the Taste out of Your Mouth

Two young male lions were moving through the savannah when all of a sudden the one at the rear reaches out with his tongue and licks the butt of the one in the front. The tiger in the lead yelps,… Continue Reading →

End Carriage

Judging by the photographic evidence below, Achilles must keep quite a nice and clean butt. Or at least it must be pretty soft and cushy, become by the looks of it, Olympus can’t get enough of resting his tired head over there!

Laptop-catching Butt Action

Seriously. If this spandex-wearing terrific trio doesn’t win the MSI-sponsored YouTube competition to promote their new X-Slim range of products, then I don’t know who should. Surely no one can promote their ultra slim product like this? I mean, after… Continue Reading →

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