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Fluttering about at Butterfly World in Klapmuts (2018-07-28) Kid Activities | Photo Gallery 10 JUL 2019

Klapmuts’ very own Butterfly World has long since expanded since its early days of just breeding butterflies. Up until recently they had suffixed the word “Zoo” to their title, but that wasn’t really all that accurate, seeing as their expansion is based almost entirely on the public leaving unwanted, injured, or abandoned exotic pets with them. In other words, the recently adopted Butterfly World Animal Sanctuary is a much better suited moniker to rally around!

The girls and I drove out for a visit last year and as usual it was a fun, lengthy visit. There had been a number of changes to the premises since we had last visited, and so it was fun to discover the creepy skeleton park (courtesy of young taxidermist(?) Francois Malherbe), the new outdoor animal enclosures, the newly located tea garden, and even the addition of a hopelessly out of its environment Arctic Fox.

(The spider escapees were pretty funny too!)

Butterflies, guinea pigs, exotic birds, snakes, lizards, spiders, monkeys, meerkats and tortoises, Butterfly World continues to exist as a proper menagerie, with all of it beautifully and playfully presented in its iconic tropical styled garden setup.

As per usual, the girls were entertained, informed and occasionally weirded out, making for a properly memorable family outing then.

And then we popped over to next door’s Villa Visaggio for lunch.


Burgers and Colouring Pages at Villa Visaggio’s in Klapmuts (2018-07-28) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 02 OCT 2018

Jessica, Emily and I paid a long overdue visit to Butterfly World back in July, and after a nice lengthy walkabout of butterfly spotting and guinea pig stroking, I decided that we now wanted something to eat. So, I was rather pleased to discover that there is actually quite a nice lunch option situated right next door to the animal sanctuary these days – in the form of one Villa Visaggio’s.

Set up primarily as a stylish venue intended for weddings, conferences, corporate parties and other event gatherings, Villa Visaggio’s is also home to a really nice restaurant – featuring a decent menu packed with well priced, particularly good food. (I had their Mexican burger on the day, and I have to say, it was pretty damn delicious.)

Although not necessarily spacious enough (in terms of grounds) to be labelled as a kid friendly restaurant, there is however a small play area (complete with jumping castle) out back (though not visible from the dining area), and the menu certainly does a great job of doubling up as a neat little colouring page.

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All in all, I rather enjoyed stumbling upon this new option for our annual Butterfly World visit, and honestly, it might just be enough to lure Chantelle to also come out butterfly spotting with us for a change! ;)

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Visiting Butterfly World in Klapmuts on a Rainy Day (2015-05-31) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 14 JUN 2015

If you are ever looking for something to do with the kids then the zoo for small animals, Butterfly World Tropical Garden in Klapmuts never fails to disappoint.

IMG_20150531_143628 holding toddlers hand at butterfly world tropical garden in klapmuts south africa

Essentially a massive green house where butteflies are free to flutter about to their hearts’ content, Buttefly World Tropical Garden is an absolute treat of tropical sights and colours, importing around 300 butterfly pupae per week (all year round) in order to ensure guaranteed delight!

Free roaming small animals, tropical birds, reptiles, and fish can all be found in this fun family outing, with both plenty of indoor and outdoor space available to ensure its viability as a destination in both good and bad weather.

IMG_20150531_150412 pathway at butterfly world tropical garden in klapmuts south africa

We tend to head out to Butterfly World quite a lot (probably around twice a year), and even a weekend of bad weather isn’t enough to put us off!

With Chantelle working at the guest house for the day, I opted to take Emily and Jessica out for some adventure, and after buying Emily’s very first set of boots to cope with the wet weather, we had some fun at the Blaauwklippen Family Market before making the long drive through to Klapmuts.

Now of course, I was more than aware that the butterflies wouldn’t be making a strong showing on the day due to the cold weather (they are only really active when it is warm), but what I wasn’t aware of is that Butterfly World actually gives a nice discount to visitors coming in on bad weather days – Certainly a nice little surprise then!

IMG_20150531_143412 mosaic bench at butterfly world tropical garden in klapmuts south africa

As expected, the girls had a ball hunting down the few butterflies brave enough to come out and play, and the plenty of other small critters, both feathered, furry and scaly, did a great job of keeping both Jessica and Emily properly entertained.

IMG_20150531_151018 jessica looking for meerkat at butterfly world tropical garden in klapmuts south africa

To end of a fun afternoon of wandering around and taking in all the colourful tropical sights and sounds, we of course popped in for some food at the Jungle Leaf Cafe, opting to sit outside despite the cold weather in order to give Emily the proper run of the place (she was rather enjoying the sensation of stomping around in boots!)

IMG_20150531_152331 craig lotter with his girls selfie

In other words, a great outing as always!

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Entertaining the Kids on a Wet May Weekend My Life 01 JUN 2015

This past weekend was pretty wet – proper winter weather in other words. It was a work weekend for Chantelle, working a split shift on Saturday and then a full on Sunday – but neither this nor the weather was enough to stop myself and the girls from enjoying a weekend full of fun!

IMG_20150531_152331 jessica, emily and craig lotter family selfie

Although our original plan for Saturday had been to head out to The Giraffe House for some animal feeding fun, the exposed nature of the place plus the wet weather didn’t make for a great combination, and so instead the plan was changed and Chantelle, Jessica, Emily and I headed off to Joostenberg Vlakte for some fun at the far more suitable Bugz Family Playpark!

With the outdoor area shut due to the weather, all the kids were running wild in the inside play area, and despite the noise and activity, both Emily and Jessica got a kick out of stretching their legs and climbing and sliding over everything that got in their way! :)

In other words, a particularly good way to tire out both little ones and make for a rather relaxed Saturday evening back home whilst Chantelle worked out the rest of her shift…

IMG_20150530_141916 chantelle, jessica and emily eating snacks at bugz playpark

Sunday on the other hand I was flying solo with the girls, and so I decided to make the most of a gloomy day and head out for adventure to Butterfly World, another location that works okay regardless of the weather.

First things first though, we needed to do a spot of shopping, in particular we needed to find a pair of boots for Emily.  After a few failed attempts, we eventually found something suitable at Shoe City, and with Jessica’s approval on the final design chosen, Emily was at last outfitted with her very first set of gumboots – pink Princess Sofia the First ones of course!

IMG_20150531_122320 emily lotter wearing her new boots from shoe city

With the shopping part of the morning now done, next up it was pancakes at Blaauwklippen Family Market (delicious as always), followed by a pony ride for Jess – seriously, she is in love with this pony ride thing!

IMG_20150531_130153 jessica lotter eating pancake at blaauwklippen family market

Emily was particularly cute stomping around in her new boots mind you.

IMG_20150531_132852 jessica lotter riding a pony at blaauwklippen family market

Finally, it was time for the long drive through to Klapmuts and Butterfly World, where on entry it was a nice surprise to see ticket prices lowered by 25% due to the cold weather – essentially the butterflies aren’t particularly active on wet, gloomy days.

Nevertheless, butterflies or not, Butterfly World has plenty of furry, scaly and feathered critters for the little ones to see, and as expected, Jessica and Emily had quite the ball – with us spending more than just a couple of hours wandering around the place.

IMG_20150531_151018 jessica lotter at butterfly world

We ended off the day by grabbing a bite to eat from the cafe, before jumping back in the car and making the long trip back home – with both girls enjoying quite the lengthy nap in the process!

IMG_20150531_141827 toddler emily lotter at butterfly world

In other words, a good weekend with my little princesses despite the miserable wet May weather! :)

Drakenstein Lion Park (2015-01-02) Photo Gallery 06 JAN 2015

Chantelle had two days off during the entirety of my December holiday, so of course when she did finally have a day off to join us for some family fun, we immediately decided to head out for an adventure! After quick consultation, Jessica agreed – today was the day for LIONS!

From their site: “Drakenstein Lion Park was established in 1998 to provide lions in distress with sanctuary, where they could live in safety, free from abuse and persecution, and be treated with the compassion and respect they deserve. The Park is situated in the scenic Cape Winelands and comprises of 50 acres of sprawling lion habitat.

The Park is actively involved in improving the quality of life of lions in captivity, locally as well as internationally, either by offering these animals a lifetime home or working in conjunction with other animal welfare organizations to secure a safe future for individual animals in dire need.

The Park is not involved in commercial breeding or trade and offers lifetime care to all of it’s animals. All the animals brought to the Park are captive bred / hand reared and cannot be rehabilitated to the wild. The animals at the Park are assured a chance of living out their natural lives in an enriched and safe environment.”

Pleasingly, what they say on the website is what you see in real life. Just outside of Paarl (in fact, just down the road from Butterfly World), lies the Drakenstein Lion Park, which features seemingly endless natural habitat enclosures, populated with all manner of lions – literally from right across the world!

You can walk around for quite a long time around the park, and the organisers have seen it fit to place loads of benches, tables and umbrellas all around the place, allowing you to leisurely rest and take in as much of the lions in their natural habitat at whatever pace you choose – a nice touch if you ask me. Feeding time is at 16:00, so that’s a particularly good time of the day to go, and of course, try to avoid arriving in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest – unless you really, REALLY enjoy watching sleeping lions lazily lying under the plentiful trees of the park.

(Plus, they also have an enclosure with two Bengal tigers running around, not that we saw them of course, what with us having opted to arrive at the park in the middle of a hot day. See the previous point as to why this isn’t the best of plans for lion viewing).

Finally, in case seeing lions in the wild starts getting perhaps a little too boring for you, they now also feature Chimp Haven, a home for all the chimpanzees and a few other small animals that became displaced following the closure of Tygerberg Zoo a couple of years ago. (We skipped this one having just been to Monkey Town a few days ago, so I can’t really comment on Chimp Haven in the slightest. Just in case you were wondering).


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Photo Gallery: Butterfly World on Boxing Day (2014-12-26) Photo Gallery 26 DEC 2014

Today is a public holiday, Boxing Day to all of us old enough to remember the term, Day of Goodwill for those of us who are not. Having been a Gordon’s Bay resident long enough to know that you avoid the massively overpopulated beaches come any public holiday in either December or January, Chantelle and I decided to best make use of her morning off by taking Jessica and Emily through to the always a decent kids’ outing, Butterfly World (along the R44, just outside of Klapmuts).

As it turned out the weather was fantastic (read super hot summer’s day), the butterfly enclosure was sticky and warm, and there were in fact a lot more tourists than what we had anticipated. That said, and while the butterflies were perhaps not out in full force, the rest of the complex’s varied animal inhabitants made very sure that Jess thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Naturally, with all the sights and sounds experienced, we ended off the trip with a well deserved visit to the Jungle Leaf Cafe (where I stole most of Jess’ chips anyway!).

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Photo Gallery: Jessica and Daddy go to Butterfly World (2013-12-30) Photo Gallery 30 DEC 2013

With Chantelle less and less mobile towards the end of her pregnancy, it was pretty much just Jess and I going out on all of our excursions, and this particular one happened to be our daddy daughter holiday trip to Butterfly World.

As per usual, Jess was super excited in seeing all the butterflies, guinea pigs and marmosets once more, whilst I was left wondering just how many more times in a year I would be forced to trudge through the same attraction over and over again.

(No not really. Secretly I enjoyed the outing – as per usual)


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Weekend Butterflies My Life 27 JUL 2013

What, it’s seriously weekend already? This post was meant to go out on last Monday or Tuesday already!! Anyway, let’s move it out the drafts folder for this morning then, shall we? Better late than never, even if it is by a week I always say! :P

Jessica dresses up as a little Red Indian

Despite last Thursday threatening to spoil the imminent weekend vibe by capping off a day of work with a hastily convened Country Mews trustee meeting (in case I didn’t mention it, earlier this year at our annual AGM I was voted on to the trustee committee – of which I’m the youngest member by far just by the way) where we discussed the usual silly issues like dogs and people selling stuff out of their yards, the vibe was rescued by an awesome start to Friday morning in the office, thanks to a decadent spread of muffins, croissants and the like, organized by Ignatius and Amanda. Leaving work exactly on time (which in itself is always a bonus), it got even better with homemade pizza and movie night with wifey, the pleasant “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” being the movie choice for the evening.

tamashii daiko taiko drumming exhibition in somerset west

Although Saturday got off to a wet start, we were up and at it pretty early on, heading out to do an emergency cupcake delivery for Theo’s coffee shop in the Somerset Mall, combined with a few pickup errands in and around the area, before finally heading into Somerset West so that Chantelle could take in the Tamashii Daiko taiko drumming exhibition held outside of the Paul Bothner Music store at the Checker’s Centre – while Jessica and I amused ourselves by doing some wine shopping at Checkers as well as sneaking in a quick game purchase (Asura’s Wrath) at the conveniently close by Cash Crusaders second hand shop.

Shame, it did end in tears though. Jessica was so happy with the milk that I bought her that she didn’t even look where she was walking and marched right into a low table, knocking her right on the nose!

Back home the three of us chilled a little (I even managed to get in some gaming with Jessica sitting alongside me), before packing everything up and hitting the road to Bellville in the late afternoon, joining up with the Montgomery Clan for their big fillet braai dinner party in celebration of the return of Peter and Gail to Cape Town. It was great to catch up with Pete, Gail, Nick and Angie after what has really been a long break, and I have to admit – I polished off a lot more wine than perhaps I should have! :)

We opted to sleep over at the Montgomery Stronghold for the night, and after a good night’s rest, we awoke (and when I say we I mean Jessie and me – Chantelle was happily snoring away) nice and bright and early in order to catch the thrilling Free State Cheetah’s Super Rugby game against Jake White’s Australian Brumbies, which of course unfortunately ended in a skin of the teeth defeat for our men in orange.

Oh well, it happens.

Surprisingly enough though, during the course of the game I received an unexpected call from Dean (whom I’ve also not seen in ages), inviting us out to join them for an excursion to Butterfly World, which of course I immediately agreed to right on the spot! After a brief diversion that saw me pop out to Chaos Computers in Willowbridge in order to pick up our new home printer, we packed up and said goodbye to Bellville, hitting the road and heading straight for Butterfly World.

What followed was a lovely catch up visit with Dean, Zania, little Zandea and Cecilia, and I have to say, I was completely blown away at just how English little Zandea has become after only a month or two in her new English playschool! Jessica of course loved the visit, and after we bid farewell to the Stapelbergs and then drank our cup of coffee and tucked into a freshly baked scone at the on-site restaurant, we were grabbed by the hand and dragged straight back into the butterflies by an excitable little Jess! :)

jessica and chantelle lotter confront a tortoise at butterfly world

Eventually she kind of tuckered out and so we headed back to Gordon’s Bay via the scenic Stellenbosch route, where we kind of eased into Sunday evening by making homemade burgers and chips and catching the first half of the father enjoyable Amazing Spider-man film. (Chantelle started falling asleep, hence the interrupted viewing!)

The enjoyable X-Men: FF trade paperback then accompanied me to bed, rounding off what in the end turned out to be a really pleasant weekend of family and friends – and by the sounds of it, we’re doing it again this weekend coming! :)

(Which of course thanks to the delayed nature of this post, is already on the go!)

Photo Gallery: Butterfly World Expedition (2013-01-05) Photo Gallery 05 JAN 2013

I spent the second last day of my holiday with Chantelle, Dad and Jess at Butterfly World – Mom unfortunately missed out due to an emergency Devon look-after call, following the unfortunate burning of Riley’s fingers on the lawnmower.

It was a beautiful summer’s day and despite the unbearable humidity in the butterfly enclosure, and what seems to be the loss of the porcupine exhibit, as well as the dried up river, little Jess seemed to thoroughly enjoy her big expedition.

We capped off the visit with a quick bite to eat, followed by a trip back to Pop’s pad for a nice, refreshing swim in the pool (while Chantelle enjoyed an impromptu nap). So, a good day out then.


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