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Jackie Chan, 30 Seconds and Bertie’s Mooring My Life 03 MAY 2010

Apart from the big office move that happened over the course of Friday which saw Touchwork uproot itself from Unit 4 and move everything across to Unit 1 of the office block (lots of heavy lifting and installing everything from scratch), this past weekend turned out to be quite an enjoyable affair! :)

Craig Lotter, certified braai adept.

Friday night was kicked off with a visit to Gordon’s Beach Lodge from Wayne and Candice, Retha and Miguel, Laluna and of course, your fabulous hosts Craig and Chantelle (well considering Chantelle was on duty, she kind of had to be there), and started out with a magnificently crafted braai that saw Tong Master Craig produce some fine specimens of tasty cooked Meat and Chicken, complemented by an array of extra goodies whipped up by the ever handy Chantelle, who seems to have a spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen as of late (peanut butter cookies, chocolate cake, orange tart, etc.). The meal and booze going down a treat, we then supplemented the chatting and food with a competitive game or two of 30 Seconds that saw the ladies take on the might of the men, coming up short on both occasions as expected. As per usual it was loads of fun, and as a bit of a surprise, it turns out that Chantelle isn’t the only one who gets quite into it – Retha seems to be right up there with her! Despite the obvious disadvantage thanks to his Spanish native tongue, Miguel actually held up his end of the team pretty well and a cleverly crafted clue gifted us the final game in a unfair sudden death situation that had been shoved upon us by the desperate girls – Crocodile Dundee for the win! :P

Wayne, Candice and Laluna, all called in action to pose for the camera-wielding Chantelle!

Calling it quits just before the clock struck 01:00, we left the guests to enjoy the hospitality of the guest house while Chantelle and I returned home for some well deserved rest – but not for too long as come morning we were up and ready, dressed in our walking clothes and heading out to the guest house in order to deal with providing breakfast for our guests (Needless to say, you can tell there weren’t exactly any real guests hanging around).

Although scaled back from the normal huge feast (hey, no one is paying right?), the breakfast was still a delicious combination of fresh muffins, eggs, toast and bacon and everyone enjoyed themselves as expected. From there Wayne and Candice bid their farewell and left to take care of all their other business elsewhere, and saved from the walk thanks to the miserable wind that whipped up, I said my goodbyes and headed back home – spending the rest of the day toddling around working on my broken PC, downloaded and upgrading to the new Ubuntu (twice because I screwed up – a whole 1.4 GB needed to be pulled down in the end instead of the 700 MB actually required), and messing around doing house chores and watching television. Oh, and Jackie Chan.

Twin Dragons, an oldie but a goodie of his where he plays his twin brother, the one a street smart low level crook with a penchant with violence and the other a gifted music conductor. Fun, irrelevant and packed with loads of action, the movie went down an absolute treat with my Ooskus fish and chips I ordered for myself! :)

Needless to say, Chantelle was more than happy to have missed out on the Jackie Chan spectacular, but on her eventual arrival home she was mortified to discover that there wasn’t a single thing worth watching on the telly, so after a quick supper for herself, I finally relented and allowed her to entertain herself by taking a rasp to my always in a bad conditions heels. So she was in heaven playing beautician while I got to lie on the bed and finish up my Mythical Detective Loki: Ragnarok manga.

Claire and Chantelle, forced to share a bench while I got to share with the umbrella stand parked next to me.

Sunday saw Chantelle back off to work and me catching up on the latest episodes of Mazinkaiser that I laid my grubby paws on, before getting ready to welcome Claire who decided to pop in for a visit and take us out to lunch at Bertie’s Mooring in the process. As it turned out, the weather did a complete 180 degree turn and we were blessed with beautiful weather, meaning we could sit next to the harbour and all the sailing boats eating our lunch on a beautiful day, followed by a walk down Gordon’s Bay main beach with soft serve firmly in hand and dripping all over our toes!

The view of the day, courtesy of Bertie's Mooring

Of course, Claire couldn’t quite escape without a showing of the fabled wedding album (which really is fantastic – completely obliterated my low expectations!), after which she eventually decided to call it a day and headed off back to her side of the woods on the other side of the Boerewors Curtain. Chantelle too returned to her work and so I spent the rest of Sunday watching the ICC T20 world cup match between India and South Africa and fiddling around on my blog during the breaks.

And supper? Well I got a playful SMS declaring someone’s love of ribs and the desire to have ribs and the fact that this someone must now have ribs, meaning that old Sunset Spur got to host the two of us one more time (so much for this someone’s healthy eating drive, eh? :P)

Oh, and somewhere in between all of this I played some more Red Faction: Guerilla, got extremely frustrated on the last mission and vowed never to play it again.

But outside of that, it really was an awesome, relaxing weekend with a good balance of friends, family and my own little hobbies. Nice! :)

The Craig, a picture of relaxed serenity. Awesome, I know.

The Birth of Craig’s Debt and Bertie’s Moorings My Life 30 MAR 2010

We actually enjoyed a great weekend this past weekend, even though technically we didn’t get up to all that much in the end! :P

Friday evening kicked off with a visit from Candice and Wayne who joined us for a supper made up of Chantelle’s home-baked chicken pie, savoury rice, caramelized pumpkin fritters and roast potatoes, followed by her first ever attempt at a shortbread grandilla tart with vanilla ice-cream. Naturally the evening was absolutely fun and games as we chatted the night away and eventually let the two of them hog the couches as beds for the night.

Saturday morning the four of us awoke to a delcious Chantelle-cooked breakfast of bacon, croissants and scrambled eggs, before we sent W&C on their way and headed out in two cars to Hyundai Somerset West, where I accosted the Tammy, the sales lady I had spoken to on Thursday and went ahead with applying for finance on a new car, i.e. the birth of Craig’s first ever real debt. But more on this particularly exciting bit on news in its own post, ‘k?

Chantelle left me at the dealership busy to go and have her hair done in preparation for the night’s activities, and so once I had finished up chatting with the finance guy, I slipped off to the Mr. Price Sports shop at the mall where in an attempt to purchase a golf glove I ended by this absolutely awesome brown suede trail/hiking hat which I then pretty much preceded to wear all weekend long. (I forgot to get a glove by the way).

See!? See!? That’s how awesome my new hat is!

The afternoon Chantelle passed by lounging around in great difficulty (because of her inability to lie her head down in case she crushed the neatly arranged hairdo she had returned home with), giving me the perfect opportunity to grab the television from her and put in some Tomb Raider: Underworld timem taking full advantage that she couldn’t really fight back.

The evening saw us dress up in our finest (well Chantelle in a beautiful dress with jewellery, make-up and heels, and me in a long-sleeve shirt with chino pants) and off we went in search of the Ruimte Nasorgsentrum in Strand where we were attending the first ever Funakoshi Fundraiser Ball, which saw an intimate venue laid out for about forty people, with a big open dance floor (accompanied by some big speakers next to it) and an excellent three course meal that saw us chowing down on some delicious butternut soup, chicken pie and lasagne and peppermint crisp tart amongst others. I did take a slight break from the evening by sneaking out of the grounds to pick up some Tab from the corner cafe to accompany the bottle of wine we had already polished off, but for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed the festive evening of conversation with all my training buddies outside of training, even if a night of unabated sokkie dancing was a bit hamstrung by the inexperience of young Jens as the night’s DJ (damn missing MP3 names! :P).

(Heck, we even enjoyed a completely fun but pointless Easter Egg search which consisted of locating glow in the dark, jellybean-filled easter eggs… well in the dark!)

Sunday was decreed our day and so Chantelle and I slept in, did some shopping at the mall (we finally bought a toaster and I got that golf glove I was looking for), before we sped down to Bertie’s Moorings where we enjoyed a thoroughly relaxed lunch out on the deck, taking in some fresh air and the always energetic atmosphere that seems to exude out of the boardwalk on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Bertie’s Mooring always has a good vibe… when the wind isn’t blowing!

The evening was deemed Idols omnibus time and so Chantelle hunkered down to watch that, meaning the signal for me to finally tackle all those dishes generated by W&C’s visit as well as the rest of the housework was finally upon me! As the evening stretched its legs and Chantelle found herself glued to the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I rounded my weekend off by finishing Eyeshield 21 volume 4 and catching some Blade on my PC, meaning I put the perfect fanboy cap on what turned out to be a great mixture of socialising and relaxing weekend after all!

But seriously, more on the new car in the next post, okay? :P

Seriously, this is how relaxing Sunday turned out to be!

The hat. It almost never left my head!

No Break from being Social Just Yet My Life 24 MAR 2010

Wow. Serious, I’ll get around to organising another day in GB event when I get the chance boys, but before then I need my social calendar to calm down just that little bit and give me some time to breathe! ;)

It all started last week really when on Tuesday evening Chantelle and I made our way over to the cinema to catch It’s Complicated, which turned out to be a pretty fun watch. Wednesday then followed up with an impromptu visit from Retha and Miguel to our part of the world on the pretense of putting the necessary kilometers on for his new shocks. We met up at the Waterstone Village Spur after karate practice and ended up spending a good chunk of the evening dining and catching up as per the norm.

Thursday evening Chantelle and I then met up with Mom, Dad and Claire to watch the stage production of Grease at the Artscape, also a brilliantly fun bit of popular culture to absorb I tell you. Friday then saw me abandon Chantelle to her own devices (she was working in case you’re wondering) and I joined with Ryan, Dean and Terrance at Ryan’s noisy pad for some excellent Modern Warfare 2 and FIFA 10 XBOX action!

(Admittedly, Saturday I took a breather, but I did work on my CodeUnit blog all day so you can’t really call that a day off, now can you? :P)

Sunday we played host to Rob and Laluna, though our planned visit to Barbados for some drinks was cut tragically short by a whole lot of yawning and snoring emanating from the instigators themselves, i.e. Laluna and Rob of all people! But I did spend two hours on the golf driving range so technically I was out and about.

Monday saw Chantelle nip off work at lunch and join me on a trip through to Durbanville where we hooked up with Trish and Karl and their peeps (including Wayne, Candice and Mr. Brown) to partake in a birthday braai bash in honour of Trish’s upcoming birthday on Wednesday.

Yesterday I got off again (though Chantelle was working a late so again  it probably doesn’t quite count), but come today it’s back in full swing, with a visit tonight to the Barnyard Theatre to catch Broadway Rocks with Karl and Trish in support of the Fisantekraal Animal Welfare group. Thursday I’m sitting without a car seeing as it is back in the shop, so nothing planned as of yet, but don’t hold your breath, Friday we’re back to being social butterflies when Wayne and Candice join us for supper here in Nagua Bay (as well as for breakfast the next morning).

Oh, and Saturday evening happens to be the Funakoshi Karate Fundraiser Ball event, meaning dress-up fun for everyone.

And then Sunday, finally a proper day off, where weather permitting I plan on sneaking out with Chantelle to some remote forest conservation area, take with some good reading materials and pack a nice yummy picnic basket.

You really can’t say we don’t deserve it! :P