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Fixed: Hyundai Getz Central Locking

At last! Finally the central locking on my 2010 Hyundai Getz has been repaired, meaning that all the doors unlock when I open the driver’s door lock, and all the doors lock when I close the driver’s door lock –… Continue Reading →

Getting Serviced

Two things getting serviced today actually, the first being Gina G. Getz who goes into the Hyundai Helderberg Service Centre for her big 30,000 km service (a couple of days before her 1st birthday actually) and the second being little Jessica who is going in for one or other big injection which costs around R8,000 a shot and which gets repeated for the next four months or so (i.e. it costs a truckload to get this one done!).

Replacing Parts

Then next up is the hunt for a new bed. Andy needs her bed that we’ve been using in the flat for the last couple of years back (for her upcoming baby’s room in case you are wondering), which of course means we need to buy a replacement one. To be honest, this isn’t such a bad thing because Andy’s bed is pretty much slept through at this stage

At Your Service: Update

And when I said fatter wallet, it would seem I meant it. Just got a phone call from the mechanic who listed everything that needs to be done to the car. It’s a major service and there are a couple… Continue Reading →

At Your Service

Sigh, I’m taking my baby in for a good ol’ service this morning – and I don’t mean Chantelle. Jetta is now well and truly over the 200 000 kilometer mark – and is sounding it too. So Disa Automobile… Continue Reading →

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