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Baby Jessica on the verge of Crawling Jessica | My Life 25 OCT 2011

The time for baby-proofing the house is getting ever nearer, as this video evidence is about to show. It started off innocently enough, with rolling from back to tummy and then back again, before it progressed to combo tummy to back, back to tummy rolls, and now we have what can only be described as “The Worm”. Needless to say, crawling is literally a day or two away at this pace…

Funnily enough, this is the first time we could capture this behaviour on film – whenever Miss Dribble Monster is asked to do something, repeat an action or spots a camera being yanked out, she pretends to be a block of wood. But not this time, oh no, this time Daddy outsmarted the little one for a change! :)

P.S. THIS is exactly what we wanted to show you guys on Sunday Mom and Dad! At least now you know we weren’t making it up!

Carpet Census Bin My Life 20 OCT 2011

Nice post title because it just rolls off the tongue when you say it out aloud, but actually it refers to three completely unrelated points that I’ve just happened to bundle all together because they all take place on the same day.

So let’s start with the carpet then shall we?

After noticing that Jessica is quite willing to stay on her tummy and flail around for longer the harder the surface she finds herself on, we yanked away all the protective cushioning and now let her roll around directly on the lounge carpet. Works pretty well except for the teeny weeny problem that our carpet is dirty. Very, very dirty.

It’s partly the cats fault, partly my disinterest in properly cleaning the bottom of my feet, and mostly because we only really yank the vacuum cleaner out every second month (if that), meaning that in addition to increasing Jessie’s tummy time, her immune system was probably also getting a good boost thanks to all the nasties down there.

Needless to say, we had to rectify the situation, and so we called upon Monty and Cheryl to come through for supper – and just maybe lug their fantastic Kirby vacuum cleaner along with them! ;)

Thankfully they accepted, and in amongst all the wine, tuna wraps, and ice-cream with strawberries, the Kirby proved yet again why it is by far the ultimate carpet cleaning machine! (Seriously, it looks like a brand new carpet, and achieving that with our carpet is an achievement to say the least!)

Anyway, at the same time, we also got added to the official SA stats, courtesy of Census 2011, with the arrival of a designated census worker outside my front gate during the afternoon. Being a little busy with work, I opted to take the form from her and fill it out on my own time before handing it back to her in the evening. So I dutifully did this, in pencil, and must congratulate her on having given me the correct estimate when I asked her how long I could expect this to take – she said 30 minutes and I did it in 30 minutes. (Shamefully, it would seem that everyone else that has done this, has done it in a far shorter period of time, so I’ll just put this done to being more dutiful than the rest then.)

On handing over the census back to the lady in the evening, Chantelle noticed that our black wheelie refuse bin hadn’t been returned yet, and after a cursory scan and chat to the complex maintenance guy, we were forced to assume that it had been pilfered from the herd. So off to the police station for a case number and a phone call to the municipality – 14 days to get a replacement one delivered, and at no cost to us, which is particularly nice to hear. Oh, and for now the rubbish placed in black bags will suffice for collection.

And with that, I have neatly concluded my Tuesday of Carpet Census Bin story, don’t you think?

Blood on the Carpet Floor My Life 12 JUL 2010

So after boring you with all the homely news of life in Nagua Bay last week, I thought I would continue the trend and get everyone more up-to-date, because as we know, time waits for no man.

So let’s start with the bedroom then shall we?

Well, like I mentioned a whole week into owning our very first expensive foam bed, the damn thing’s base went and popped one of its supporting struts, meaning that I had to let Chantelle loose on Bed City and I’m impressed to say that the wonderful lady whom we purchased the thing from had it swapped out just about the next day, sending one of her guys in and getting it over and done with before you could even say “Hey, there’s a strange man in our bedroom!”. Speculation is that most likely the base was damaged when offloading from the factory, maybe causing a week spot on that problematic top strut, which then unfortunately gave way when we started using the bed proper. Anyway, no foul, no harm done and everything is back to normal in the bedroom then.

As for our Boardmans’ headboard experience, the good news is that the helpful Chantel has now organised that they create a new one for us from scratch as she is currently unable to source an unsoiled one from any of their other branches here in the Western Cape. And the best part of it all is that because of all the inconvenience this is causing us, we aren’t going to have to pay in any extra for the making up of a new product (because normally you pay for that!). So nice on Boardmans, now we just have to sit back and wait! :)

Lastly, we thought our hassles with the spare bedroom had finally come to an end with the laying of the new sand-coloured carpet (we don’t have a say on the colour) in the room and the moving back in of some of the spare furniture. Well we thought wrong.

Because as you can see from the photographic evidence below, that pearly white carpet was not intended to stay as spotless and stain free as it came in forever – no, definitely not going to happen when it is all splattered with blood, feathers and a dead pigeon in the corner.

Seems like one of the boys brought in a snack for us to see on our return home from work…

Our brand spanking new sand-colored carpet, bedecked in feathers, blood splatter and of course a dead pigeon. Quite the rage I tell you.

Luckily for us, whichever boy caught the poor bird only had a nibble. Obviously didn't enjoy the taste, which was lucky for us because it kept the amount of blood, guts and gore on the floor to a minimum!

My Feet are Warm, but Damn it, there goes the Bed! My Life 07 JUL 2010

The last couple of weekends really haven’t been about unwinding and taking some time off from work, rather it has been an exercise in maintaining one’s composure when confronted with the pig sty that your home has turned into as well as the physical fatigue associated with moving around just about every piece of furniture in the house between nearly all the rooms!

This is pretty much how we have been living in the lounge over the past while...

Thankfully though, that has at last come to an end when on Friday the carpet people came in and laid down the carpet in the second room (at last our concrete floor had seen it fit to dry itself out properly), meaning that I could finally shift everything back in there (a great temporary storage facility before we go baby shopping mad), leaving only some books which still need to find their way back into the bookshelf, that we’ve now changed our mind on and opted to keep, lying about. (Sorry Mom!)

The nice and sparkly new carpet in the second bedroom

Charles has in the meantime come and picked up Andy’s old bed now that our newly purchased one has arrived and as an added bonus, I managed to help out Uncle Louis and Aunt Thelma up in Sedgefield by giving up my old LG television to replace their old clunker which had finally given up the ghost. (Thanks Pops for organising this!)

So in other words, it means that the house is almost back into shape, apart from the already mentioned couple of books lying around and the contents of two drawer sets which still need to be swapped around in order to buff up our bedroom’s new upgraded luxury look.

And at least my feet are now warm and fuzzy when I hang up the washing on our Venus portable clotheslines in the spare room! :)

However, not so warm and fuzzy is the fact that our newly purchased, week old, R8,000 bed decided to pop a slat or two in the base, judging by the “badump” sound that was followed by an almost immediate sag in the middle of the bed! Needless to say, apart from being horribly disappointed and wondering if we have maybe made a mistake in picking the bed that we did, I can only hope that the nice people over at Bed City sort us out ASAP! (I have already set the unforgiving Chantelle loose on them)

On top of that, we still haven’t heard about the suede headboard that Boardman’s is looking into sourcing for us, seeing as the first one they offered came pre-marked with blue ballpoint pen and scratches!

And then of course there is that small matter of us actually being in the process of making that all important decision regarding entering the housing market proper – which kicks off on Saturday in case you’re wondering…

Rolling Back the Carpet My Life 11 JUN 2010

Whew. So Chantelle had Cliffie, the plumber/maintenance man they use at Gordon’s Beach Lodge come and have a look at the leaking geyser and it turns out that thankfully it wasn’t the geyser at fault at all! Instead, one of the copper pipes feeding into the geyser had corroded enough to from a small hole the size of a pinhead, causing a perpetual spray of water against the geyser at a rate fast enough to fill up a cup withing a minute.

This water then ran down the geyser and soaked into the cement below, basically spreading throughout the study and coming up to soak the underfelt of the carpet, making those big wet spots that had alerted us to the problem in the first place.

So after a bit of a hunt to find the water mains, Cliffie cut out the bit of offending pipe and welded in a replacement, meaning that the water leakage has now been stopped.

However, it isn’t all a field of daisies just yet.

Now because it is a pipe from the structure and not the geyser that caused the damage, responsibility for repairing it now falls to the complex management company, namely Micsam, which means that they are now liable for the costs. Already Chantelle has entertained some people to assess whether or not the carpet can simply be lifted and cleaned, but as the underfelt is already completely soaked and ruined, I’m afraid that the verdict is that the whole thing will have to be lifted up and replaced.


Anyway, so now it falls to us to clear out the study, roll up the wet carpet and then allow the cement to dry out for a couple of days, before the team rolls in and fits in a replacement.

Sigh, and of course it is the perfect timining for drying out wet cement floors of course! :P

(On a side note, Olympus seems to love the exposed underside of the carpet. He runs up and takes a flying leap over the wet cement – refuses to walk on it – lands on the other side and proceeds to sharpen his claws on the underside. Perfect furry fun in other words!)