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Cats versus Birds

So on the day we were expecting the first visit from Mom and Pops to the Gordon’s Bay Lotter stronghold in absolute ages, guess what happened? Well, as I should have known, I strolled past the bathroom in the morning,… Continue Reading →

Rocking Chair: Space for Two?

Although we haven’t gotten around to setting up and beautifying Jessica’s baby room just yet, we do at least have all the furniture in place, you know, the big things like the compactum and cot, and of course the all important rocking chair which will most certainly be used on a daily basis by Chantelle and little Jessie.

The Guest House Bedroom

The one thing I am probably the most relieved about after moving all our furniture into the new house is without a doubt the fact that our brilliant, beautiful queen-sized bed actually fits in our rather small bedroom – but leaving enough space that I can actually walk all the way around it and don’t have to bother Chantelle by doing gracefull tuck and roll dives through the air and over her to get to my side of the bed.

Cat Care Isn’t Cheap

It started a little while ago with Achille who out of the blue started sneezing. This got progressively worse, more snotty and he basically just lost all energy, literally just lying there and meowing in protest if you so much touched his obviously sore body.

All I Want to do is Crawl into Bed!

Thanks to some superb, night time wildlife photography, I at last have some concrete evidence as to why getting into bed is just so darn difficult on those late nights when I choose to stay up a little later fiddling with blog posts or twitching my thumbs over a game controller.

Howling Balls of Scratching Fury

Anyhow, as it had been for the last couple of days, the wind was absolutely howling outside, once again determined to make living quite miserable and in which of course does succeed… particularly when we’re talking about the cats.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats… at the Artscape

And having already seen Phantom and the Opera when it was brought to the Artscape a couple of years ago, it was no surprise to find myself being dragged through to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats last Thursday evening in the company of my dearest wife and the rest of the Montgomery horde! :P

Presenting the Kill

So I got presented with my first ‘kill’ last night while I slept – I woke up this morning and one of the two kitties had dropped off their play spider on my chest during the night. Of course, waking… Continue Reading →

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