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Joke Factory: It’s all in the Change Jokes & other Funny Stuff 22 APR 2011

Juan desperately wanted to have sex with this really cute, hot girl in his office…. but as is always the case in this situation, she was dating someone else.

Frustrated, Juan went up to her one day and declared, “I’ll give you R300 if you will let me have sex with you…”

Quite taken aback, she immediately replied, “NO!”. But Juan wasn’t giving up that easily. “Look, I’ll be real fast. I’ll throw the money down on the floor, you bend down to pick it up, any by the time you come back up, I’ll be finished already.”

Beginning to now think about it, she decides to consult with her boyfriend over the phone. After hearing her story, the boyfriend pipes in with “Bargain! Ask for R450, and then pick up the money really fast. He shouldn’t even be able to get his pants down in that short space of time! Let me know how it goes.”

With that advice, she agrees and accepts the proposal, making Juan one happy, if a slightly poorer, man.

30 minutes go by, and the boyfriend still doesn’t hear anything from the girl. 45 minutes later, he calls her and asks what happened.

Still breathing hard, she manages to reply, “That bastard! All he had was R1 pieces!”

Ubuntu Server: How to Change Your Hostname CodeUnit 05 AUG 2010

Changing the hostname of your Ubuntu server installation is a pretty simple affair.

To view the current hostname of your system, simply enter hostname.

Now to affect a termporary change of hostname, you could simply use:

sudo hostname mynewhostname

However, be careful here as this is really just a temporary hostname change and won’t be saved when the system restarts. The reason for this is because the hostname is usually set on system startup when the system loads the detail from a file, generally located at “/etc/hostname”.

So in order to permanently change your system’s hostname, you need to edit the correct host-related files like so:

sudo nano /etc/hosts

Set your new desired hostname next to the entry for (leaving the localhost entry as is). Next, run:

sudo nano /etc/hostname

Simply enter your desired hostname on a single line and save.

Once you have made your changes and saved both of the files, you should be good to go – as you can test out for yourself by simply rebooting your machine with a good old sudo reboot and then checking with hostname!


The House of C 006: They are Always Late! The House of C 11 JAN 2010

Women. Nobody gets them, or rather no man understands them. Why is it that no matter how late or delayed they are in getting to any appointment, be it to make the opening of a show or meet the queen, there always seems to be that extra little time to change, just to be ultra sure that the outfit of the day is perfect?

It’s frustrating really, especially when you realize that the game has most likely kicked off already and your woman is busy worrying about what colour top matches her earrings best.

Shorts and slops girls, that’s all a person needs (though in your case a top might be a good idea too…)