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PHP: Handle Microsoft Windows Smart Quotes in Your Strings

Microsoft Word likes converting single and double quotes into it’s so-called smart quotes representation, which can be annoying when you are trying to display the string on a device that doesn’t support smart quotes (the curly ones in case you were wondering). The easiest way to clean out these curly smart or fancy quotes is to run a simple search and replace on your string:

PHP: How to Gracefully deal with some Microsoft Windows Special Characters

Although Microsoft Windows smart quotes are the usual culprits for web developers who need to display strings on devices powered by operating systems other than Windows, there are in fact a number of other Windows-only special characters that can potentially rear their heads every now and then.

A Test String for UTF-8 and Internationalization Work

So how about a little test string for your web development, one that will make sure your web application can handle the concept of Internationalization?

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